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Grass tech fills in the gaps: Synthetic turf and patio pavers

Artificial grass has come a long way. It’s not the fake grass made of sharp bright green plastic found in the cheesy store displays of yore. If you are looking for a great-looking, low-to-no maintenance solution for your landscape, you may want to give synthetic grass another look.

The new artificial grasses can fool the eye. The threaded, flexible blades are colored and shaped to resemble actual grass species. Drought-prone climates and shady landscape areas can be harsh environments for natural grass. Homeowners are discovering some beautiful design options using patio paver layouts that incorporate artificial turf into the design.



Using artificial turf and patio pavers opens up a lot of options for your patio. Lastra porcelain tiles, in a grid pattern with artificial turf, create a lovely garden patio that needs no watering. This is especially nice in shady yards, as one drawback of artificial turf is its tendency to become hot in the sun.

Take a look at the pictures of a recent project using EP Henry Lastra tiles and synthetic turf. A grid surrounding a larger patio surface allows for stepping stones to the table and chairs. The white, marble-look porcelain pavers against the beautiful green of the turf reminds us of a garden of a grand old manse. A pool’s bright blue seems enhanced by a surround of the synthetic turf’s deep, consistent green. Pristine elements like a pool and deck surface can be a contrast to worn, patchy grass. This turf and those pavers won’t show the damage from chlorine as swimmers hop out to grab a snack. Combining pavers and turf is a great way to get a natural lawn look with  little maintenance in high-traffic areas like pool decks and patios.

The initial cost for a large installation of artificial turf may be a bit higher, but you will recoup the cost over time, as it needs no watering, mowing, weeding or reseeding. It also helps keep down the mosquito population in the yard.

Synthetic grass is sewn onto a backing that allows for rainwater drainage into the earth’s surface below it. Always check local ordinances as some homeowners associations or municipalities may have restrictions on the use of artificial turf in private landscapes. Many townships use the turf, filled with rubber fibers, on their public sports fields. Look for some examples in your town or check out a local supplier’s display. You may be surprised how far “fake grass” has come.

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