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Building Blocks for Grownups: A DIY guide to building your own fire pit

If you spent time as a kid creating structures with Legos, you may have the skills to build a permanent fire pit in your backyard. We’ve laid it all out for the home hardscaper. Getting something done on your own brings a unique and cherished sense of accomplishment. Don’t shy away from a fire pit project because it seems daunting. We have kits with detailed instructions that any do-it-yourself enthusiast can follow. Take a look through these pics and dream about building your own little hearth at home.

A thorough comparison between different fire pit options is warranted before committing to any project. Circular, permanent fire pits have advantages over portable ones. For example, they are placed at a safe distance from any vulnerable landscaping or housing structures, so a homeowner can rest assured they won’t be moved by well-meaning family members or guests. A cement surround carries less risk of skin burning than a metal enclosure poses.



Besides safety, another element to consider is aesthetics. Permanent structures in the hardscape should enhance, not hinder, the patio and backyard areas. Seamless blending into the home’s exterior and the surrounding landscape is the goal. The EP Henry fire pit kit comes in different colors and block styles.

As any DIY-er knows, it’s the measuring that’s the challenge. “Measure twice, cut once,” as the old contractor saying goes. Our kits’ blocks are all manufactured to tight specifications and pre-measured to fit together easily so you can skip the math required to build a circle out of bricks. The actual l calculations have all been completed for you so you can focus on choosing the location of the fire pit and the preparation of base. Read through all instructions before beginning your project. (It helps to read through them now to get an understanding of how to prepare the base of your fire pit.) The fire pit construction itself is as easy as installing the block, dropping in the bowl, and capping the fire pit off. Included in the kit are the elements you need to build your fire pit, from all the blocks all the way up to a copper fire pit bowl, a screened cover, and two grills (one small for burning wood and one large for cooking).

If DIY-ing a kit isn’t in your wheelhouse, contact us for help finding an authorized contractor in your area.  A fire pit kit is affordable and specifically designed for easy install so the homeowner can have a wonderful hardscape element to enjoy year round without breaking the bank.

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