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Taking the mud out of mudroom: designing a mudroom that works

Pinterest-worthy mudrooms score high on the looks scale but often get failing marks for practicality. Designing a better, more efficient space can help the area stay clean and welcoming. Family members often enter through the mudroom area. Encountering – or encouraging – a mess when first returning home can be disheartening. Keeping it organized and

Outdoor living spaces as home additions

When someone mentions home addition, you may think of a game or TV room, a bigger kitchen, or maybe a home office. But there’s one more space that should pop into your head: an outdoor room. More and more homeowners are realizing the advantages of opting for the addition of an outdoor living space over

Love the look of natural stone? Here’s why porcelain may be the better choice.

Outdoor flooring has to be hearty. Many homeowners like the look of a natural stone like Travertine (a limestone deposit) but beside the sky-high price tag, they discover it can tend to crack and split from repeated exposure to very high and very low temperatures. Originating from mild-climate Italy, Travertine is a porous rock. Water

Tip-Top Patio: Declutter your outdoor rooms

Don’t forget your patios and pool decks in your decluttering efforts People are sweeping out their rooms as a home-organization trend sweeps the nation. Popular books like Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the latest book in the trend, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson, cover closets, bedrooms,

Punctuate your patio with texture: Add visual and tactile interest to your Hardscape

There are many elements to interior design. Color, light, lines, shapes (forms) and texture are all applied principles of design that are immediately noticeable in a room. These principles also apply when building and decorating exterior rooms. One design element that is often overlooked on the patio is texture. “Texture” is a visual as well

The Beauty of Birch: Decorate inside and out with this joyful pattern

A birch tree has a bark full of happy colors. Get closer to this wonder of nature by decorating your home inside and out with a combination of this natural element and some new tech. Incorporating a birch color scheme into your decor gives you that natural wood feeling without the heaviness of traditional wood

Getting creative and clever with outdoor decor for the patio

Patio furniture and accessories don’t have to be expensive, and these crafty DIYs will keep things interesting. Outdoor decor is somewhat of an enigma. We’ve spent years building up a collection of furniture and accessories for the interior of the house, but sometimes our instincts and wallets don’t stand up to the challenge of decorating

Make their night: Host a movie marathon on the patio

You may already have the makings for an amazing movie night right outside your door. Start a tradition of stars under the stars. Outdoor movies have been popular ever since the drive-in days. Drive-ins are hard to find now but almost all major cities host a movie-in-the-park series. A picnic dinner, a blanket and little

Hardscape hand-me-downs: How to integrate inherited pieces into your outdoor decor

Family members pass down their favorite furniture to the next generation. But what if those pieces don’t match your style? Newspapers like the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and USA Today are noting the trend of adult children and grandchildren rebuffing offers for antique furniture and other decor. The time-honored tradition of divvying up Grandpop’s

Dream patio: Hire a decorator to put the finishing touches on your outdoor room

After your patio has been meticulously designed by the landscape architect and carefully installed by the contractor, the last step before you can enjoy the space is to choose the outdoor furniture and decor. Your patio project has been an important and valuable – not to mention expensive! – investment in your home, and you’ve