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Love the look of natural stone? Here’s why porcelain may be the better choice.

Outdoor flooring has to be hearty. Many homeowners like the look of a natural stone like Travertine (a limestone deposit) but beside the sky-high price tag, they discover it can tend to crack and split from repeated exposure to very high and very low temperatures. Originating from mild-climate Italy, Travertine is a porous rock. Water can settle in its tiny air pockets. When the water freezes and expands, the rock splits from the pressure. Cracking, splitting and dull finishes are effects that extreme temperatures like those of an icy winter can have on even the newest Travertine patios. Indeed, there’s a huge market for travertine repair kits, yielding a whopping 1.4 million results in a Google search.

The trick is finding not only an affordable floor that looks good but is also hearty enough to weather the elements. Porcelain pavers are a great choice. Porcelain isn’t just a dainty teacup. It is a ceramic mixture that becomes a durable, hard substance when exposed to high temperatures. Using ancient porcelain production techniques and modern hi-tech procedures, Lastra porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde are made to keep their natural look while enduring season after season of the deep chills of winter and the fire-hot burners of summer.

Getting outdoors everyday is part of a healthy lifestyle. To help lure you and your family outside, your outdoor room should feel like any other comfortable space in the house. Having a cohesive design between spaces is essential for the patio to feel as welcoming and cozy as a loved den or living room. Lastra pavers are indoor/outdoor tiles, which allows for a design of an outdoor floor that seamlessly transitions to an indoor floor. This makes Lastra tiles a perfect choice for a patio next to a house or a pool deck only steps from the home’s back door.

Lastra porcelain tiles, also made in Italy, boast natural stone colors and have the option of the look of natural wood, widening the choices for your outdoor room’s design. These 24” x 24” paver tiles are mold-resistant, strong enough to be driveway material, and are anti-slip and salt-proof. Check out some of the options and consider porcelain for your next project

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