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The Beauty of Birch: Decorate inside and out with this joyful pattern

A birch tree has a bark full of happy colors. Get closer to this wonder of nature by decorating your home inside and out with a combination of this natural element and some new tech.

Incorporating a birch color scheme into your decor gives you that natural wood feeling without the heaviness of traditional wood hues. Birch trees’ light golden browns, creams, grays and yellows work together to give us one of Mother Nature’s most recognizable patterns. Crafts like birch branch coasters or votive-holder candlesticks are popular and easy fall projects. Birch twigs arranged and glued in a star pattern make excellent Christmas tree ornaments and can be a heartfelt, handmade gift for a loved one. Many birch crafts, ranging from the simple to the advanced, can be found online. If you have your own birch tree or two, you already have the makings of your craft project.

The comforting dependability of birch wood translates across material lines. A fabric patterned with birch trees makes for a cozy throw blanket. Pillows with birch bark embroidery add an alpine chalet feel to a minimalist room. Birch patterned wall paper is also a popular source for creating decor for the home. Covering PVC pipe with the wallpaper is a lightweight and quick substitute to gathering real birch wood.

Hardscape your colors

Many homeowners turn to nature for indoor decor ideas, and outdoor room hardscaping is no exception. Thankfully, EP Henry has wall and veneer options for the birch-loving homeowner. Keeping your home’s decor relevant and modern in a constant cycle of trends is a big challenge. Birch colors are eternal but yet always on trend. Mother Nature’s timeless, natural hues will forever be in style.

Bring some birch crafts into your home this fall. Take a look through our pictures for outdoor patio, fire pit and sitting wall inspiration for your next outdoor upgrade.

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