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Hardy yet beautiful plants for your landscape, Part I: Sedum basics.

Succulents are the hottest trend in plants. Miniature succulents in cute pots grace many a dorm or office window. Many Millennials, 37% of whom grow indoor plants (as opposed to only 28% of Baby Boomers), have embraced and fueled the succulent fervor. Instagram’s “#succulents” hashtag alone has over 6.5 million posts. Related hashtags, like #succulent,

Outdoor living spaces as home additions

When someone mentions home addition, you may think of a game or TV room, a bigger kitchen, or maybe a home office. But there’s one more space that should pop into your head: an outdoor room. More and more homeowners are realizing the advantages of opting for the addition of an outdoor living space over

Patio Planning: Tips from your area expert

Planning an outdoor space begins with an idea. A fun picnic on a friend’s Hardscape or a relaxing time at a poolside bar on vacation inspires us to recreate those feelings in our own backyards. So you want an outdoor space. What’s the next step in the planning process? “We tell our customers to look

6 spring landscape design tasks to do now

Just when you thought you could take a rest after shoveling all that snow, spring creeps up and hands you the hoe. Here are a few quick tips for spring landscaping that will give your landscape design plan a good start. 1.         Rake. Thatches of clumped dead grass, leaves and debris must be cleared out

No more working on the railroad – a safer alternative to toxic railroad ties

Raised garden beds and tiered garden walls in older home landscapes were often constructed using cast-offs from the railroads. However, the creosote-treated wood was never legal for residential use. According to the website of the US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), creosote, a chemical wood treatment and pesticide, is not to be used on any

Planning Ahead for your Landscape Design

As winter continues, it may be that thoughts of spring landscape planning seems a little premature, but the fact is, making use of being more housebound during the next few weeks  will really pay dividends in achieving your goals.  Not only can you do your research on plans and products, but if you plan to

New Year, New Landscape Design

Welcome to 2016! Just about a full calendar year lay before you with possibilities and potential. What are your plans? As the days stay short and the wind makes you more apt to stay indoors, the winter blahs can set it in. Battle those blues by planning your garden that will be filled with beautiful

Dear Santa – What I Want for Christmas is … a New Landscape Design!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and would write that all important letter to the big guy in the red suit listing the things you wanted for Christmas? Well, this year, we want all our outdoor living enthusiast readers to get inspired for the new landscape you know you want, but may

Tips for Easy Sustainable Landscaping

Your yard and garden are your pride and joy, the setting for everything from parties to relaxing days outdoors. You’ve designed your landscape to fit your unique style and color pallet to accent your home and create the outdoor living space you’re proud to share with your friends and neighbors. Anyone who has even a

Patio Privacy Please

Whether you live in a rural, wide open space or a densely populated subdivision, you may want to incorporate some privacy elements into your new or existing landscape design to avoid feeling “watched over” from passers-by or your neighbors. There are lots of ways to create a little privacy and, depending on your porch or