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New Year, New Landscape Design

Welcome to 2016! Just about a full calendar year lay before you with possibilities and potential. What are your plans?

As the days stay short and the wind makes you more apt to stay indoors, the winter blahs can set it in. Battle those blues by planning your garden that will be filled with beautiful flowers, succulents and plants to create a brightly-colored escape in your own backyard. Since you’re only hindered by your own imagination, the sky is the limit – and we have a few suggestions to help launch your landscape design ideas a little higher.

Check the Layout of your Land

When’s the last time you really took a hard look at the layout of your yard? Do you have gaps around your space with no color or accent? Ever considered adding a fire pit or fireplace to create a central gathering space? Do your garden borders support your beds well? Maybe a garden wall will be more effective. Do you have sloping hills in your yard or a valley that retains water? Retaining walls can level off your yard and a raised or standard patio can turn that valley into your new outdoor living room. Think of the layout of your yard as the blank canvas for your landscape design; use it as fodder for your creativity.

Colors, Colors Everywhere 

No matter your preference, plants and flowers add life and color to your landscape design. When have you last updated your garden beds? Do any of your plants need to be replaced, replanted or maybe rearranged to make room for new potential additions? Each of your plants has a sun/shade ratio, seasonal bloom times as well as a growth size. Maximize your garden beds, and simultaneously cut down on your maintenance costs, by arranging your plants to best allow them to take advantage of the natural layout of your yard; shade plants where you have the most shade, sunny plants where you have the least trees and mixing them up to ensure seasonal blooms in each area of your garden beds all year round.

Recreate your Space 

If you have noticed your space need a little pick me up once you’re done reviewing it, then consider a new patio to create an outdoor living space unlike any other. No matter the type of yard, sloping, rocky or uneven, a Hardscaping professional can install a patio built with pavers to create a unique and stylish space for your outdoor gatherings. With raised and ground-level options, a paved patio can be built to fit any size yard, and our expansive line of pavers give you the creative license to fit any style of décor. No matter the size or style, a patio adds functionality to your landscape design.

So get started – take the time this winter to start imagining the possibilities your yard has to offer. Check out our photo gallery for some fantastic inspiration of our complete product line and get your free EP Henry catalog, which is chock full of images, product details and ideas for your new landscape design!

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