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Getting to know your indoor fireplace

It’s fire season again! The warm glow of a fire is one of the finest comforts of the colder months. To keep everything in working order, it’s good to become familiar with all the parts and workings of your home’s fireplace. Don’t have a fireplace? No problem. Adding one has become cost effective with the

Cast Veneer Stone: A modern answer to an old problem

Stone surfaces aren’t what they used to be, and that can be a good thing. All along farming hills and valleys are fieldstone walls that were piled by the land workers as they tilled the earth. The low walls would stretch far and wide, sometimes acting to prevent livestock from grazing the crops, other times

Cast Veneer Stone: Adding color and texture to living spaces

You don’t need a psychology degree to know that color affects us. Fast food joints use bright yellows, oranges and reds to convey energy and encourage customers to eat quickly. Cafés use dark greens, browns, blues or maroons to give an air of sophistication and comfort. If you do have a degree in psychology, you

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Retaining Walls

Are you looking for a way to redefine your landscape? Maybe you have slopes around your property that make creating the space you want difficult.  Perhaps you have a sweeping yard that offers no way to landscape except at the far edges? Or do you live on a hill that falls towards or away from

Outdoor Living Inspiration: Walkways

We know that a lot of your yards are still buried under the remains of Blizzard Jonas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to plan your landscape updates for the spring! Take this time, when getting out and about is a little more difficult to plan the updates and changes you’ve always wanted for

Veneer Stone – The Design Game Changer Part III –Cast Stone Wall

Walls are the defining pieces to your outdoor living spaces. They allow sloped yards to become usable space, break up wide expanses into cozy sections and support hilly areas to be both decorative and functional. With all these benefits, walls also need to add design and beauty to your yard, and there’s no better way

Veneer Stone – The Design Game Changer Part II: Natural and Stacked Stone

Do you long for natural lines and colors as part of your home décor? Do you have a love affair with the outdoors that you’d like to keep with you, all year-round? If you are looking for a natural stone effect in your space, then this segment of our cast veneer stone series is for

Veneer Stone – The Design Game Changer Part I: Brick, Cut Stone and Split Rock

How unique is your home’s design? When you look around your rooms, or outside at your yard or house, do you see your special touches that say “This is Me!”? Your home is the hub of your life, where you spend much of your down time, where you raise your family and entertain friends. Décor

Dear Santa – What I Want for Christmas is … a New Landscape Design!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and would write that all important letter to the big guy in the red suit listing the things you wanted for Christmas? Well, this year, we want all our outdoor living enthusiast readers to get inspired for the new landscape you know you want, but may

Organic Chemistry: How Cast Veneer Stone Complements Every Style

If you are thinking about a home renovation, consider incorporating organic colors and textures of cast veneer stone into your design and décor.  Designers from around the world agree that using cast veneer stone is a great way to update a tired space and create instant drama in any room of the house. Stone veneer