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Veneer Stone – The Design Game Changer Part I: Brick, Cut Stone and Split Rock

How unique is your home’s design? When you look around your rooms, or outside at your yard or house, do you see your special touches that say “This is Me!”? Your home is the hub of your life, where you spend much of your down time, where you raise your family and entertain friends. Décor is personal, and should represent the feeling and experiences that make you who you are, and cast veneer stone is a fantastic product with which to do just that.

From classic Brick to Ledgestone, or local favorites like Pennsylvania Field Stone or River Rock, cast veneer stone, CVS,  offers the unique, natural look and beauty of stone in a lighter, easier to implement product that can be used anywhere in your home, inside or out.

With a plethora of colors, textures and applications, cast veneer stone allows you to create a one-of-a-kind, evergreen look that never goes out of style. (Just look at your standard castle, does that stone look dated to you?) If you’re looking to get that “wow” in your home, take a look at the design options that CVS brings to the table.

Cast Veneer Brick The most classic of our cast stone offerings Brick CVS comes in classic brick colors that fit any décor. As a cover to a fireplace, cladding to a home or even as an interior accent wall, it will bring a historical feel to your space.

Brick Veneer Stone

The most classic of our veneer stone offerings Brick CVS can be implemented as a cover to a fireplace, base of a home or even as an accent wall in the home. Our Brick CVS will add a classical, even historical, look to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

See our complete offerings of Cast Veneer Brick here.

Cut Stone Veneer

Offering an organic feel, Cut Stone adds a rhythmic harmony and pleasing line both indoors and out. In colors that capture nature’s quiet palette, Cut Stone is always a tasteful choice.

See our complete offerings of Cut Stone Veneer here.

Split Rock Cast Stone

A more uniform appearance for larger spaces, Split Rock cast stone has a chiseled texture and consistency in shape that would suit a formal setting or style.

See our complete offerings of Split Rock Cast Stone here.

Make your next design update a game-changer with the evergreen style of cast veneer stone. Check out our entire product line on our website or get the catalog with the hottest pictures and ideas for your project.

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