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Organic Chemistry: How Cast Veneer Stone Complements Every Style

If you are thinking about a home renovation, consider incorporating organic colors and textures of cast veneer stone into your design and décor.  Designers from around the world agree that using cast veneer stone is a great way to update a tired space and create instant drama in any room of the house.

Stone veneer is a highly versatile masonry product manufactured to simulate the look of natural stone. Created using molds from actual stone units, these hand colored, flat-backed stone veneers are practically indistinguishable from quarried stone.  This means that installation is faster and lower in cost, and color options are more extensive.

Color Your World

Unlike the harvest gold of the 60’s, or the Miami Vice pastels of the 90’s, the neutral colors of stone are always in style and work just as well in a quaint country-cottage as they do in a big city penthouse.

If you are thinking of integrating cast stone into a home renovation, a good rule of thumb is to use brick and uniform stones in contemporary or modern homes, and big rocks of different sizes and shapes in a more rustic or country style setting. Begin by determining what décor style the space falls into, this way, you can narrow down what will work best to get the look you are after.

Warming it Up

While incorporating cast veneer stone into your design will surely add dimension and interest,it can also make the space appear visually cool. Take a cue from Mother Nature herself and soften the lines with plants. Infuse the room with softer textiles like Sherpa throws or velvet pillows to make it cozier.

The contrast of warm colors and fine grains found in wood, against the bold shapes and natural hues of stone create a beautiful focal point in any room. Let the natural beauty of these elements shine through by keeping accessories to a minimum.



Light it Right

Don’t forget to light your cast veneer stone application to show off its unique texture. Wall grazing is a dramatic effect of using lighting to highlight the rough textures and surfaces of your stone.

It is achieved by placing the light sources close the stone surface and directing the light so that it skims the surface of the stone. Effectively, “grazing” the wall with light. In doing so, you’ll create shadows that accent the high and low point of the textured surface.

Multifaceted Indoors and Out

Because of its versatility, cast veneer stone is used both indoors and out. Commonly used on fireplaces, retaining walls and in place of shingles, creative folks are using it on kitchen back-splashes, bar fronts and to create in-home spas. Using stone veneer in high-traffic areas is a maintenance-free solution to eliminating hand-prints and avoiding constant cleaning and repainting.

Do you like exposed stone walls in interiors? Share your creative ideas and how you would use it.

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