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Cleaning your patio

Cleaning your patio-DIY or Call in a Pro? With so many of us spending more time at home these days, getting the patio in tip-top shape has become a priority. While pavers are known for being easy to care for, occasional maintenance is needed to keep them looking their best. Some patios may just need

Why pavers are better for landscaping

There’s no denying that trees and large shrubs are the fastest way to update a landscape or add drama to a new property.  They add visual interest; they help lower home temperatures by providing shade, invite and shelter wildlife, and increase property value.  While the benefits of adding trees to your landscaping far outweigh away

Exterior Bi-fold doors make a versatile patio

An outdoor room is a wonderful extension of the home. Access to that room is usually found via a standard back door or sliding glass doors. Bi-fold doors that stack away to the sides opens up the indoor room and provides free, open access to the patio. This staple in Hawaiian and Californian outdoor design

Pining for more: Pine branch decor keeps the season fresh

A pine tree’s branches, with their rich aroma and deep seasonal symbolism, add beauty and meaning to your home’s winter decor. You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy the comforting scent and beauty of pine. All around the world the pine evergreen has special meaning, including wisdom, longevity, power, and virtue. A winter staple

Paver Planning Series: Textures

A new patio, outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area is an exciting and valuable addition to your home. But like building a home, building a Hardscape comes with a lot of decisions. In this short series of articles, we are looking at how the patterns, colors and textures in concrete paving stones can influence the

Paver Planning Series: Colors

Choosing pavers for your hardscaping project can be overwhelming at first. It helps to break it down into smaller choices, like product attributes, because all will play a part in the overall finished look. We’ve already talked about paver patterns, so let’s look at how the color choices in pavers can influence the look and

Paver Planning Series: Patterns

When planning a new Hardscape, there are lots of choices and decisions to make. In this short series of articles, we’re going to talk about the patterns, colors and textures available with concrete paving stones. Masonry is artistry. Laying brick and stone is an ancient practice that has been handed down throughout millennia. Pavers benefit

Getting to know your indoor fireplace

It’s fire season again! The warm glow of a fire is one of the finest comforts of the colder months. To keep everything in working order, it’s good to become familiar with all the parts and workings of your home’s fireplace. Don’t have a fireplace? No problem. Adding one has become cost effective with the

Choosing a Fire Pit: Points to consider

Patios should be designed like rooms, with attention paid to elements like shape and height, color and function. Fire pits add a wealth of choices for the space. Design is basically drawing with shapes. A cohesive and useful patio design considers how patio furniture and Hardscape elements combine to make a room. Fire pits are

Another way to binge on the patio: An outdoor TV

Football season and binge watching are elevated to another level when you include an outdoor TV in your patio design. A long weekend filled with snacks and an unwatched season of your favorite TV show. A Sunday with fellow fans watching the game. A movie just released for streaming. These are banner weekend plans! But