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Paver Planning Series: Colors

Choosing pavers for your hardscaping project can be overwhelming at first. It helps to break it down into smaller choices, like product attributes, because all will play a part in the overall finished look. We’ve already talked about paver patterns, so let’s look at how the color choices in pavers can influence the look and feel of your space.

Color is a fundamental element of design. It can set a mood, allow one to express their tastes, and influence how big or small a space appears to be. It can also dictate whether or not a patio seems like an afterthought or an integrated design feature of the home. Fortunately, a wide variety of color choices allow for flexibility in Hardscape design. It is not difficult to find a color scheme that will complement the home’s existing palette; Pavers come in a variety of materials that offer a wide range of colors, from solids to blends, that resemble natural stone. There are even marble and wood looks in porcelain tiles to choose from.

You can use different colors to build visual interest in and delineate the space. If you have a large space to cover, consider choosing different paver colors, patterns and textures, to outline the areas, e.g. a kitchen can use a different but complementary paver than the pool deck. If you have a smaller space, consider using a lighter color paver or tile. A light color visually expands a space while a dark color brings it in. A light color paver emphasizes the floor, bringing it to our attention, while a dark color helps the patio recede into the background. Consider darker colors if you want to achieve a cozier, living room feel. Changing paver colors can also create beautifully defining borders, or mimic the look of a carpet within a seating area.

Much lighter colors can be found in our porcelain tile collection. The marbled colors in porcelain tile against their almost-white background, draw the eye down and in turn make the flooring a design element in itself. The beautiful marble-like Lastra Marvel Pro Statuario Select paving slab offers a more contemporary look that can be integrated into a landscaping design to highlight a specific area. 

The color of a Hardscape is the first element you and your guests will notice. It’s important to take the time to get it right. Feeling overwhelmed with choices? No worries. Most paver manufacturers have extensive galleries of photography for you to peruse. You can also consult your Hardscape designer who can be a huge help when you’re selecting your pavers. Ask for photos of the designer’s previous work, order a catalog to get inspiration from professionals, or check out paver patios in your neighborhood. With just a little effort, you will find the right paver color for your space.


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