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Patio Décor: Defining the Space

Great, so you finally decided that you are going to have the patio of your dreams! Today’s outdoor living rooms are so much more than years ago; everything from pavers to pillows to plants are chosen to make your patio a true extension of your home.

Here are 10 tips to help you make the best room in your house, outside of the house.

  • If you are fortunate to have a very expansive backyard, consider creating multiple, smaller patios that are connected by a walkway laid out using pavers. This purposeful pathway encourages guests to explore your property and offers privacy in large family households.

  • If you are planning one very large patio, consider separating areas into zones by outlining areas for dining, cooking and lounging. Another option would  be to build on multiple levels.
  • If your patio is not large enough to create separate zones, then decide and style your patio to function as its primary use. (lounging, dining, bar cooking)
  • Use contrasting pavers to add interest and define “rooms” within your outdoor space.
  • There is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to patio décor, but if you want it to feel like a true extension of your home it’s best to keep the styles consistent. If your homes’ interior décor has modern lines and is monochromatic in color, your guests may feel lost if they suddenly walk out onto a patio reminiscent of a colorful Mexican courtyard.

  • Define the patio edges with a seating wall. These are great as they provide additional seating in a pinch and “surprise” guests are never a problem.

  • Think of your furniture as a form of crowd control. Sofa sectionals can be arranged to accommodate either a large party or divided to make smaller groupings. Either way, you’re giving your guests a “destination” therefore, directing the flow of traffic once they enter the space.

  • Because there are no walls, lighting is critical when it comes to defining exterior spaces. Unlike a single source spotlight, layering your lighting is a great way to get a flattering look for both the space and your guests. An overhead chandelier mounted over a dining table, combined with outdoor floor lamps or all-weather table lamps, softly and safely illuminates the space.

  • Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to visually anchor a patio, add privacy, and extend the outdoor living season.
  • Play with angles. It’s natural for most of use to want to line the furniture up with the edges “square off” with the patio perimeter. For a really fun and unexpected look, why not arrange the furniture slightly askew? Turn a squared off (90°) layout slightly (45°) to create a more inviting space.

Remember: Your patio décor should always reflect your individual style and needs. So have fun with it and enjoy creating your very own backyard paradise.

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