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Mother’s Day Memories and Unique Gifts

Way back in May of 1914, then President Woodrow Wilson made history when he signed a Joint Resolution proclaiming the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

Today, no doubt many children are busy in school creating unique “home décor” items using paint, paste and glitter. Moms all across the country will wake up this Sunday to breakfast-in-bed and a cyclone in the kitchen. Eleventh-hour Dads will be seen lined up in the drug store card aisle picking out the “perfect” card while silently wondering, “Flowers? Candy? Jewelry?… what am I going to get?

A Patio is a Foundation for Great Memories

While a lovely card and a perfectly wrapped bauble are commendable, why not think outside the house this year?

It is said, that the best gifts come from the memories we make with the people we love. Long after the flowers have wilted and the earrings have been misplaced, giving Mom a new patio or fire pit will bring families together, forge friendships, and work to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The perfect patio can range anywhere from the ultimate outdoor party place to a tranquil corner in the garden. If you’ve ever discussed adding a patio, you probably have a good idea of what her first choice would be. Web sites and catalogs are great source of inspiration and are packed with photos of real installations. So why not take a page from these sources and create a special gift that Mom will enjoy for years on end.

When you are ready, consult an expert Hardscaping™ contractor for guidance. They have plenty of backyard ideas that will fit your space and wallet. They can help with layout, design elements to consider, as well as colors and patterns. They draw upon years of experience in the field and can show you before and after shots of similar projects.

Create Lasting Memories

While many families are opting to add an outdoor kitchen so that the “cook” can stay with the party during meal preparation, fire pits are being added to bring friends and family together. Many us of have heartfelt memories of gathering around a fire pit singing songs or telling stories. Fire pits hold great power when it comes to creating lasting memories for adults and children alike. Look for fire pits that can convert into a calming a water feature in the warmer months.

5 Unique Patio Décor Gift Ideas

  • Exotic Lantern:These jewel toned Moroccan lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and can be found as both electrical and candle lit. As the light filters through the cutwork patterns and colored glass it casts a soft glow and interesting shadows.

  • Mule Mug: Traditionally used to serve the popular 1950s chilled cocktail Moscow Mule (consisting of ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice), these copper mugs are timeless beauties. These classic mugs are ideal for keeping drinks chilled on a hot patio.

  • Buddha Pillow: Transform your patio into her Zen retreat with this Buddha pillow.  The black and white motif goes well with most any patio décor.

  • Smudge Pots: Before battery-operated orange flashers, utility companies used these as warning lights. Today, Smudge Pots are used as patio décor and along with citronella oil, help keep insects away.

Whatever you chose to delight Mom with, a gift from the heart is what matters most.

What unique outdoor gift ideas do you have?

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