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She-Sheds: Restful Garden Retreats for the Lady of the House

By now, pretty much everyone has heard of man caves; a sanctioned space in a home’s basement or attic that’s been decked out with accoutrements such as truck tire sinks, beer bottle chandeliers and of course, a big screen TV- a really big one…with surround sound.

While these lion-hearted lairs are still popping up all over the country, a newer and slightly clandestine movement is beginning to sweep the nation; She-Sheds. Also known as Lady Lounges, ordinary backyard sheds that once held rakes, trimmers and a mower are being transformed into peaceful and private paradises by the lady of the house.

Out with the Paint Cans, in with the Paisley

While some backyard sheds are turned into art studios, reading rooms, or yoga studios- others are being converted into a quiet place to invite a friend over to share a bottle of wine. These Lilliputian lodges all share one common element; they are designed and furnished for rest and relaxation to provide a break from the demands of running a busy household.

The best part being is that they can be created on a shoestring budget. With just a few gallons of paint, flea market furniture finds and repurposed items from secondhand stores, you can create your own garden hideaways.

Flipping Out 

The other great thing about a She-Shed is that they don’t necessarily have to match an existing outdoor living space decor. Because they are meant to be whimsical, many “she-shedders” take the opportunity really express themselves. Not many people would decorate their entire home to resemble a gypsy caravan, but these miniature hide-a-ways are being fitted out to resemble just about anything you can dream up, from quaint cottages, bohemian lounges to backyard speakeasies.

Tips to Help Turn Your Tool Shed Into She-Shed Fit for a Queen

  • Make sure that your shed is waterproof. Seal up any leaks with a paint ready, waterproof outdoor caulk.
  • Most sheds will already have an electrical supply, so bringing in an indoor worthy floor lamp helps make it feel more like a room.
  • Fabric shower curtains make great outdoor curtains. They come in every style and they are perfect size for shed door openings. They are also waterproof and often mildew resistant.
  • Buy or paint furniture in unexpected colors. A pair of thrift store sconces painted in bright and unexpected colors adds character and charm and becomes an instant statement piece.
  • Floor space is going to be tight. So take advantage of vertical space and use baskets to hold and organize things.
  • Bring in some life with low-lite loving plants such as: snake plant, peace lily or pothos.

Because these outdoor living spaces can be put together in a weekend, women are teaming up to help their friends create their very own “petite parlors”.

With a little planning and paint your garden getaway can be anything you want it to be. Have fun with it!

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