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First Impressions Count: Creating Curb Appeal

The theory that a person only gets one chance to make a first impression holds true for your home as well. But what makes one house a head turner and another one unremarkable?

Even though it’s subjective, good curb appeal is easy to spot when you see it. The next time you spot a stunning home, take a longer look and you’ll see that all the best examples have some things in common. Curbappeal includes a decided look and feel that encompasses landscaping, Hardscaping™, architectural details, paint palette, lighting, and structural integrity. Less is typically more when it comes to decorative lawn elements because the house takes a back seat and the eyes will wander.

Warm Welcomes

Because you eye is naturally drawn to it, a well maintained front door tops the list for curb appeal elements. Luckily, even an older door can be made-over with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

Formal in style, the entrance to the home pictured here features a gloss-black front door with gleaming brass hardware. In keeping with its formal style, the homeowners flanked the front door with classic boxwood topiaries. Hardscaping, even smaller applications like the one shown here, have a huge return on investment and add count big when it comes times to sell. The walkway, done in Old Towne Cobble™ in Pewter Blend pavers, complements the gray hues of the home’s exterior.

Landscaping design is often one of the first things people notice about a home as they drive through the neighborhood. If you landscape design features a grass lawn, routine mowing and fertilizing should keep it looking healthy. Be realistic about how much time you can devote to flower beds, as they can be a real eyesore if they are left to grow weeds and bushes become overgrown. A well-manicured lawnincludes crisp edges, so a homeowner with limited skills or knowledge may want to hire a professional lawn care team with tools and know-how to keep them looking their best.

Use Pavers for a Long Lasting Wow Factor

Curbappealis not limited to the front of the house. Walkways and paths that lead to the side or rear of the home play an integral part in the overall look and feel. A walkway done in pavers will look great now and, unlike a poured concrete path that will eventually crack; they will look great in the years that follow. Pavers can be laid in all kinds of interesting patterns and can serve to visually widen a walkway. Complimentary soldier borders can also work to widen the path while adding interest.

Under the Tree

Garden walls or tree rings are a great way to tidy up under a tree, where roots and diminished sunlight can make growing plants difficult. Try using small stones in place of mulch for a long-lasting way to dress it up. Be sure to use plants that require little or filtered light if your tree is large and will cast a shadow most of the day.

From larger projects like Hardscaping, to smaller projects that just require a fresh coat of paint, there are hundreds of ways you can enhance your home’s curb appeal. We hope these few tips help you enhance the design in your own yard.

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