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Creating a little “Peace on Earth”, Right in your own Backyard

There are a lot of wishes for “Peace on Earth” at this time of year and, while the general intent is for mankind as a whole, there’s another saying that comes to mind: “Charity begins at home”.  By creating a tranquil environment in which to host family and friends, you can add a little “peace” to the world that will, hopefully, extend past your backyard as people come and go.

What’s great about starting at home is that you can do it on just about any budget. From adding a tranquil accessory to your backyard like a fire pit or fireplace, to building an entire outdoor oasis including a walkway that leads to a patio and garden surrounded by walls, or even adding a pool, the options and combinations are almost endless and can be done all at once, or in pieces as your budget allows.

Peaceful Inspiration

What better way to get you in the serene mindset your new outdoor living space is meant to create than to offer up different images meant to give you inspiration to create your very own “Peace on Earth”? Hope you love them!

Rustic Holland Stone pavers, Earth, 90° Herringbone Pattern; 6″ Rustic Double Face Wall, Earth; Bristol Stone® I and II, Harvest Blend, Random Installation

Bristol Stone® I and II pavers, Ash Gray, Random Installation; 3″ and 6″ Combo Rustic Double Face Wall, Granite with 6″ Columns   and DevonStone® Pier Caps and Double Sided Caps, Brownstone

DevonStone® Tennyson® concrete slabs, Bluestone, Random Installation; Cast Veneer Stone, Pennsylvania Fieldstone, Aspen

Bristol Stone®  I and II pavers, Harvest Blend, Random Installation; 3″and 6″ Combo Double Sided Coventry® Wall, Harvest Blend

Village Square® 6″x6″, 6″x12″, and 12″x12″ pavers. Harvest Blend and Dakota Blend, Random Installation; 3″ and 6″ Combo Rustic Double Face Wall, Earth

Your backyard can easily be transformed into any style of peaceful oasis your heart desires, and with an extensive line of fully-integrated products, EP Henry is poised to help you build your outdoor living space. Get more inspiration in our photo gallery or get our latest catalog, and when you’re ready to take the next step, let us find you a qualified Hardscaping contractor to plan your project!

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