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Party on the Patio: Take Advantage of the Weather and Plan an Outdoor Holiday Event

If you’re enjoying the balmy weather much of the Northeast is experiencing, thanks to the El Nino effect, it may be putting a damper on your ability to get into the traditional holiday spirit. While no one wants sub-zero temps like we had last year, it can be hard to wrap your head around planning a holiday party when it’s 65 or 70 degrees outside. Houses get warm when cookie baking goes on too long, and a houseful of people means you’ll probably have to turn on the air or open the windows.

Why not take the party outdoors? Just because it’s December doesn’t mean your patio and backyard have to go unused as entertaining space. There are plenty of ways to achieve the same festive environment the inside of your home would offer in colder temperatures, and you get the added benefit of more entertaining space and less overall mess in the house.

Gather ‘Round the Outdoor Fireplace 

Or fire pit. Your outdoor fireplace or fire pit adds a cozy accent to your patio or backyard. Set up chairs all around for guests to use during story time and add snack tables intermittently so guests can rest their egg nog (or iced tea) during the party. Up the ante by decorating your fireplace with a wreath or garland and some lights. When the light begins to dim outside, the effect will be magical.

Recreate your Living Room 

Your patio is an outdoor extension of your home and, as such, should extend your personal style and the comforts therein. Adding a nice outdoor sofa and chairs, maybe even a coffee table and throw rug will transform your patio into an outdoor living room where guests can relax just as they would indoors. Keep the mood seasonal with holiday throw pillows and decorative candles.

Space for the Kids

Chances are you’ll have some smaller guests attending and will be looking for ways to enjoy the event as well. Set up a foldout table with a festive plastic table cover as a kids craft table in your backyard where they can color holiday pictures, make decorations and presents for their family. Offer a shoe box decorated with wrapping paper to each to take their treasures home for safe keeping.

Of course, little ones will be looking for treats – and since you’re already outside by the fire, this Holiday Smore’s Recipe is bound to hit the spot!

So, while the warm weather may be playing tricks on your holiday radar, it is the time to celebrate and with the above tips, you can make use of your outdoor living spaces to enjoy an outdoor holiday party with friends and family.

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