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Update Your Front Porch to Create an All Weather Lounge Space

If you’re reminiscing about long summer nights spent on the front porch and are struggling to cope with the shorter days and long, cold winter nights, we have some design inspiration to get you thinking of spring. Check out these top tips for updating your porch to create a perfect, all-weather lounge space. If you’re brave, you can start now and enjoy the great outdoors this winter from the comfort of your own front porch.

Update furniture

The first thing you need to do for your porch revamp involves your furniture. If your seating leaves something to be desired, invest in a few comfortable pieces with bright colors, fun fabrics, and bold designs that will encourage you to sit outside. Get creative with your seating by installing a rope porch swing or hammock, or stick to traditional Adirondack style chairs and rockers. Don’t forget your all-weather covers and cushions to make everything extra cozy, even when the weather is less than cooperative.

Make it weather proof


Furniture covers and waterproof fabrics are so important for your outdoor space that we’ve mentioned them twice. Once you’ve sorted these out, you can deal with other ways to winter proof your new front porch. Space heaters are fantastic for porches, but they can cost a lot of money to purchase and maintain—plus, not everyone has external sockets on their porches. For instant heat, go low-tech with a wicker basket full of warm fleece blankets and throws. Finish off your winterization with an area rug to keep your feet warm and make you feel like you’re inside.

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Add creative decor

Many people think that just because the porch is outside the home it doesn’t need decorative accessories. These people are wrong! Showcase your personal style with colorful, patterned cushions and blankets to accent your furniture. Choose a few pieces of decor that will make your porch feel more like a lounge than an entryway: a wall clock, barometer, table lamp, candles, planters, or flower arrangements will instantly add personality to your porch and make it match the rest of your home.

Don’t forget the door!

After your porch decoration is complete, make sure you haven’t neglected your front door. The entryway itself can be styled with an unique welcome mat, potted plants, or small bushes and trees. If your door is in need of a coat of fresh paint, take the opportunity to give it a bold new color. Finally, a good wreath is essential for welcoming entryways: choose from any number of seasonal wreaths in stores or get crafty by making your own from greenery, plants, or craft materials in and around your home. The best part about wreaths is that they can be easily swapped out throughout the year to match holidays and festive occasions.

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