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The Future of Hardscaping: CPI Students at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show

Most schools have pep rallies before the big football, basketball, or soccer championship game; but at CPI, a Pleasant Gap, PA Science & Technology School, the big win can come in the form of landscape and hardscape design competition sweep. In September of 2014 the students enrolled in CPI’s Horticulture and Landscaping Design course accepted

Do-It-Yourself Hardscaping™ Project Story: Boyertown, PA

We were thrilled when Renee and Brian Dye of Boyertown, PA shared “Before and After” photos of their Do-It-Yourself EP Henry Wall Project with us on our Facebook page. So much so, that we just had to call to find out how they did it. EPH: So, what made you decide to overhaul the space? BD/RD: Although

Nature-Inspired Home Décor

One of the most famous American architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, is best known for his Organic Architecture style. Thought to be his most famous design, Fallingwater was designed in 1935 for the Kaufman family and resides in Bear Run, PA. It is a classic example of Wright’s earthy aesthetic and is listed as a National Historic

That’s Amore – Your Own Tuscan Outdoor Living Space

In 2003, when Hollywood released “Under the Tuscan Sun”, Americans all over the country were suddenly re-decorating and bringing warm and woodsy earth tones and golden hued paint colors into their homes. The New-Old Outdoors This enduring trend continues today, bringing aged elegance to both to indoor and outdoor living spaces. With its old-world charm

Get Away From It All In your Own Back Yard

Courting Tips Looking to update your existing patio or create one? Consider a courtyard as your next outdoor project. These intimate outdoor spaces have been delighting homeowners as far back as 3000 BC. Courtyards are customarily identified as being open to the sky and closed off on 3 or 4 sides using walls, buildings or