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Embrace a new color for 2019

A trendy new hue for your outdoor decor has been named. Here’s how to welcome it into your summer patio plans. Living Coral, 2019 The Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is called “Living Coral.” The Pantone Color Institute is a color-matching and trend forecasting company that caters to the fashion, marketing and branding

Patio styles from the 1950s to today

Everything from hemlines and haircuts, architecture and art are subject to the whims of fashion. Patios are no exception. A few distinct styles have emerged over the years, but some parts of patio design will always be timeless. Let’s look at different patio styles over the past few decades. The 1950s “mid-century” look was popular

Step Up Your Hardscaping

 Which part of your outdoor design holds more meaning than steps? “Steps” flood our imagination and our language. We have giant steps, baby steps, one step forward, and two steps back. We step it up, step down, step aside and step away. We have spring in our step when we make a step in the

3 Steps to Planning your New Landscape

Is the dreary weather getting to you? As winter slogs along with cold temps and frozen or slushy ground, chances are you need a distraction to focus on that makes you dream of the warmth of spring, new flowers, and the great outdoors of your own landscape. We’re happy to help. The winter months are

Home Design Trends: Then and Now, Inside and Out

Living Styles That Grow On You In the 1990’s the new hot trend in home design was “Bringing the Outside, In”.  Designers created boldly themed outdoor inspired rooms with natural color palettes of grays, greens and browns. Typical outdoor elements of wood, wrought iron and cut stone brought in texture and provided visual interest.  Brick