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3 Steps to Planning your New Landscape

Is the dreary weather getting to you? As winter slogs along with cold temps and frozen or slushy ground, chances are you need a distraction to focus on that makes you dream of the warmth of spring, new flowers, and the great outdoors of your own landscape.

We’re happy to help. The winter months are a perfect time to begin the planning process to update or rework your yard and garden. The fact is, it takes a good amount of research and thought to get it right, and with the weather keeping most folks indoors more often than not, what better way to stave off the winter blahs than researching the new plants or new yard design that you could be enjoying this spring?

Take a Good Look at your Yard 

We’re talking more than a glance around, more than your standard “ok, we need more mulch in this garden, that plant’s died and must be replaced, why won’t grass grow in that spot?” Take real stock of the space you’re working with and how it’s currently laid out. Does it offer a sense of welcoming? Are you excited to spend time in it?

Your yard should be an inviting space, no matter how big or small. It should represent your personal style and offer both you and your visitors a place where you are glad to spend time throughout the year. This kind of space takes time to create, and while you may need to do it in stages, the overall plan to build your ideal landscape should be made at one time and then disseminated to fit your timeline and budget.  Having a master plan will help avoid mistakes or additional expense.

Don’t Skimp on your Landscape Strategy

Think big when you begin your landscape plan. This isn’t the time to worry about cutting budgets or leaving out features. The beginning of a yard overhaul means building your “ideal” space; chock full of all your wish list items and additions. Go forward undaunted by constraints until you ­­­­­­­­create the best landscape you can imagine. Practicality has no place in this imaginative stage, so gather your inspiration from local landscape and home improvement stores, your favorite yard and garden magazines and online sources – like EP Henry’s expansive photo gallery.

Prefer to leaf through a catalog?  Request your complimentary copy of the Inspiration Guide here.

Research the latest landscape trends, new products and accessories that are the must-haves for this year. Or look to classic spaces, local parks and gardens you love to visit to wet your landscape-building creativity. When you can, take or save photos of the pavers used in the walls, walkways and patios that catch your eye, as well as the kinds of plants used in the gardens and any accent pieces that you like. Gather images, tips, product types in a folder so you can pull your yard revamp together one piece at a time.

To help you in your search, we have our brand new EP Henry “My Favorites” page where you can save images, files and documents from around to build your own yard-overhaul inspiration file!

Find the Right Landscape Partner 

The best laid plans can go awry if they’re not executed properly, and that applies to your landscape updates, too. All your research, imagination and planning will only culminate into the outdoor living space of your dreams if it’s built by a skilled professional with experience working on projects like the one you’ve envisioned. Your contractor can recommend the right products for your plans, suggest colors for pavers and accent pieces as well as assess your property to ensure the changes you want to make will work in your space.

A skilled landscape partner can also help you to break down your vision into manageable chunks, based on the best build strategy and timing so even if you only start with a portion of your project initially; it never looks “incomplete”.  You have the freedom to build your landscape in accordance with your timeline and budget, adding ‘wow” factors at each stage.

Your yard and garden are an extension of your home. Give them the time and consideration they deserve this winter so come a break in the weather, you’re ready to execute your plans and start building those “wow” factors.

Tip: EP Henry can recommend a skilled landscape professional in your area, and as an added bonus, we provide a Lifetime Warranty on the structural integrity of our paving stones and wall systems for residential use as well as a 3 year installation warranty when you use an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor® referred through our helpful Project Services® department. (Learn more about our warranty here.)

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