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Outdoor Living Inspiration: Fire Pits

It’s not news that custom outdoor living spaces are becoming more the norm than the exception in yards all around the country. However, in regions that experience frigid winters, like here in the northeast, hanging outdoors all year round isn’t always an option. There are some great ways to extend your timeline to enjoy your outdoor living space, and a fire pit is a fantastic, and affordable, option.

Great additions to any landscape, fire pits offer a functional service by keeping your outdoor living spaces warm in colder weather, and offering a cozy gathering space in just about any season. Add in that they’re completely customizable to your space and personal style, and it’s easy to see the benefits they offer to any yard. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows or toasting your guests with a glass of Merlot, nothing adds that extra “spark” to entertaining like a flaming fire pit.

Take a look at the fantastic fire pit shots below and get some inspiration for including one in your own outdoor living space!

Offering economical installation, customized to your space and color palette, and able to extend your outdoor living time – a fire pit is an easy addition to any yard.

Want more ideas of how to include one in your yard? Take a look at our fire pit products page or extensive image gallery showing even more fire pit pics. Then, get connected with a local Hardscaping contractor to find out how easy and affordable adding one to your space really is.

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