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Rain, Rain, Go Away- Dealing with Storm Water Run Off

As we move into a more sustainable future nationally, homeowners are looking for ways to improve their land use locally. Very locally. As in, in their backyards. The most helpful impact your property can make on the local environment comes from the proper handling of rainwater. There are a few different things you can do

Defining 5 Terms an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor® May Use

Congratulations! You’re starting a new hardscaping project that will beautify your landscape and create a space for making many happy memories. But what did your contractor say again? Masonry, like all other professional areas, has its own glossary of terms. The hardscaping industry borrows many of these for describing the flatwork of installing pavers. Learning

Celebrate Earth Day by taking one of these simple 3 steps

Earth Day is this Saturday. Join the rest of the world by taking a few minutes to mark the occasion. Even the smallest of efforts honors Mother Nature. Here are three choices of small efforts that can make your home a greener place to live. Regrow food from scraps Did you know that some vegetables

Own your turf: what you need to know about sod

In the Northeast corridor, the best time to re-turf your landscape is now. In the late summer and early fall, temperatures get cooler and the humidity steadily increases. These two factors are necessary for the successful installation and ongoing health of new turf. While we may think the spring season is the best time to

To design a grand entrance to a home, it’s essential to pay attention to the driveway.

Your own personal access road Back in the old country, “driveways” were simple, private roads leading from the trade routes to a castle’s entrances for staff and guests. These roads were maintained solely by the castle residents and usually consisted of a utilitarian single lane made with nothing more than grass, gravel or (in more

Curb Appeal: Driveways

Realtors stress the importance of “curb appeal” when selling a house. First impressions count. Landscaping is an obvious concern, but your home’s Hardscape likely covers more ground and attracts the eye more than your greenery does. Many times a homeowner will overlook the impact of the home’s driveway. Driveways can cover the largest part of

Permeable pavers, No-Mow Yards and More: How to “Eco-Up” your Patio

Your outdoor room deserves a beautiful landscape and hardscape design that provides a lifetime of hours soaking up sun and fresh air. Sustaining your patio as well as the environment makes sense for now and generations to come. EP Henry’s permeable pavers make “eco-design” of your hardscape possible. Eco designs focus on environmental impact. Water

Pavers- Not just for patios! Paver driveways add class

You may think of pavers as a big part of patio design. Pictures of pool decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, sidewalks and pathways are the common images related to pavers, but a growing number of homeowners are installing pavers to increase the visual appeal of their driveways and garage door areas. Many modern houses have

Concrete Pavers – Why They’re THE BEST Choice for your Hardscaping Project

When it comes to options of building products for your outdoor living spaces, there are several available to fit your budget, your style and goals. There is a lot of controversy out there about what Hardscaping product is best for your patio, and while we would be biased in saying pavers are the best choice,

Tips for a Low-Maintenance Landscape

Who doesn’t love a beautifully landscaped backyard? Color and design come together to celebrate the seasons, while offering water management with tree plantings and strategically-placed walls or walkways? There really is something to be said about a landscape that wows at any time of year. The downfall? It often takes significant time and money to