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Pavers- Not just for patios! Paver driveways add class

You may think of pavers as a big part of patio design. Pictures of pool decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, sidewalks and pathways are the common images related to pavers, but a growing number of homeowners are installing pavers to increase the visual appeal of their driveways and garage door areas.

Many modern houses have large two-car garage doors facing the street. A large, blank space like that can prove difficult to dress up or blend in with the rest of the property. Many ways exist to decorate the garage door. Paint, add-on accessories, or installed windows are some popular ideas, but another way to integrate the space is to add a paver driveway.

The best tools in designers’ kits are texture and color. Big, blank, uniform spaces distract the eye by breaking up the flow of the scene. Yet we often encounter large, white garage doors over flat black driveways. Very rarely does this scheme match the rest of the landscaping or even the color of the house itself. There are better solutions that are longer lasting and comparable in price and effort.


Paver driveways not only last much, much longer than blacktop (especially around the edges), but they can even benefit Earth. When using permeable pavers water runoff ceases to be a problem, and helps to protect the environment by capturing up 100% of rainfall and filtering it into the soil below. Installing pavers for driveways is a great solution in any climate. And unlike poured concrete or blacktop, EP Henry pavers won’t crack in freeze/thaw conditions.

Before you buy into other, less durable solutions, consider installing a long-term and more beautiful paver driveway. Click here take a look through our gallery for paver driveway ideas.

A step up is well within your reach. Click here to find a certified EP Henry contactor.

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