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Take your landscape to the next level with columns

Add visual and architectural interest to your landscape by incorporating different height columns and bases. You are not alone if you’ve forgotten the differences between the Greek Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns from your 4th grade social studies class. Unless you’re planning a Parthenon replica as part of your landscape, remembering the ancient styles isn’t

Outdoor rooms can have ceilings, too

“Outdoor room” doesn’t have to mean “out in the open.” There are many options for covering your patio space. Summer officially ended this week, but you still can catch some rays. While you’re admiring a beautiful sunset and reminiscing on a hot season well spent, lend some thought to the coming summer’s heat. The time

Raise your backyard’s game with Olympic influences

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in full swing. We love to watch the Games’ thrilling events and see the amazing achievements of our US team. But being stone experts, the Olympic Games also reminds us of something else we love – Greek architecture! The ancient culture’s mark can be seen not only in our government

Stepping Stones – Life’s Journey

You remember your baby, jumping from stone to stone, holding your hand while hopping up the walk, chubby toddler legs too short to take big steps. One day that baby could walk the whole way alone, usually in a zig-zag line but it got the job done. There were falls. Scrapes. Sometimes you were waved

10 Fantastic Design Ideas for Pergolas

Some claim that the pergola was brought to us by the Italians during the Renaissance. This may be true considering the fact that Italy is famous for its green tunnels formed by the heads of plants bound together to form a spectacular arch. A pergola is one of the most outstanding ways to decorate your

Consider a Pergola for Hot Summer Days

Adding a pergola to your patio design is a great way to add both shade and privacy to your outdoor living space. Both decorative and functional, these permanent structures can be constructed using wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or cellular PVC. Pergolas are a natural fit in expansive hardscapes designs as they help define areas. Pergolas are typically

The Future of Hardscaping: CPI Students at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show

Most schools have pep rallies before the big football, basketball, or soccer championship game; but at CPI, a Pleasant Gap, PA Science & Technology School, the big win can come in the form of landscape and hardscape design competition sweep. In September of 2014 the students enrolled in CPI’s Horticulture and Landscaping Design course accepted

That’s Amore – Your Own Tuscan Outdoor Living Space

In 2003, when Hollywood released “Under the Tuscan Sun”, Americans all over the country were suddenly re-decorating and bringing warm and woodsy earth tones and golden hued paint colors into their homes. The New-Old Outdoors This enduring trend continues today, bringing aged elegance to both to indoor and outdoor living spaces. With its old-world charm