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Take your landscape to the next level with columns

Add visual and architectural interest to your landscape by incorporating different height columns and bases.

You are not alone if you’ve forgotten the differences between the Greek Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns from your 4th grade social studies class. Unless you’re planning a Parthenon replica as part of your landscape, remembering the ancient styles isn’t required. Modern landscape architecture is varied and expansive. While most of us think of the ancient marble or stone columns found in landmark buildings, columns are used in a variety of ways.

Pergola bases

Wood pergola posts can go straight into the ground, but raising them to stand on a concrete paver base elevates the whole look. A column base also adds natural texture to a large structure that can seem stark.


Fences and Gates

All fencing needs to be anchored with posts. Homeowners are ditching the plain posts that come with the fencing and upgrading with columns instead. A corner column or a mid-post brings attention to both beautiful wrought iron and decorative wood fencing. Columns also establish visual resting points. A large repeated pattern like a fence often tends to be overlooked by the human eye. Property line fencing moves from “blank slate” to “royal estate” when stone pillars are added.

The columns around a fence’s gate distinguish the entrance to the home. They raise steps to another level and announce a walkway with flourish.

Roof supports

Outdoor spaces like kitchens and bars often require more than a pergola to cover them. Full roof builds with majestic stone columns are the standard for commercial properties but are becoming more popular for homeowners. Although done on a smaller scale, these structures really increase the home’s living space and the family’s outdoor time. Strong paver columns  add stability and allow designers to incorporate counters and bars into the plan.




Mailboxes have come a long way. Gone are the days of the rounded-top black tin box. Elaborate constructions have grown more popular despite the digital age. A simple option would be to secure a mailbox to the cap of a column instead of mounting it to a wood post, but the sky is the limit on a homeowner’s imagination. Mini home replicas, street benches, and tiered steps are all fair game for mailbox columns. Find a creative contractor who is up for some fun and originality.

Adding columns to the landscape can be a weekend DIY or a contractor contract. Take a hard look at your hardscape, borders, walkways and patios. There’s a column in there waiting to happen, ready to raise your estate to new heights.


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