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Cool outdoor bar accessories to make your summer outdoors chill

Add a little style to your summer sips and snacks We all do it – make a cold drink and a snack inside to enjoy outside. More times than not, we’ll carry it out with a plastic tumbler and paper plate. That’s not exactly the image of relaxing luxury you want. Punch up the patio

Choose the patio furniture that works for you

It’s officially spring, and patio furniture ads are in full force. Here are some things to consider to help you choose patio furniture that works for you and your budget. Outdoor rooms are an extension of your home’s living space. Comfortable furniture and beautiful  accessories are the necessities that make any patio space usable and

3 hot bourbon recipes to warm your winter

The recent subzero temperatures have kept us all inside. Why not make the best of it? Here are some warm, spiked drinks you may have yet to try. There’s an old tale that a shot of whiskey will warm you up. Indeed, a sip of straight bourbon or whiskey can feel like swallowing embers from

Make their night: Host a movie marathon on the patio

You may already have the makings for an amazing movie night right outside your door. Start a tradition of stars under the stars. Outdoor movies have been popular ever since the drive-in days. Drive-ins are hard to find now but almost all major cities host a movie-in-the-park series. A picnic dinner, a blanket and little

Roll in the fun: Serving carts for the patio

Retro is hip. Each year brings a new twist on an old trend, and it makes us all wonder why it ever fell out of favor. This year’s outdoor living trend may be the return of the serving cart. You are familiar with the serving cart or “kitchen trolley:” a two-or-three-tiered shelf unit with two

Grill up a baked potato bar for St. Paddy’s Day

Top o’ the potato! With a little luck of the Irish, the weather will support this delicious plan for grilling and serving up some great baked potatoes and a ton of fun fixings. As they say, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day” and what is more Irish than a potato? In 1800s Ireland, the

Mad about March

We’re trying to make the best of it by looking at ways to still have some fun with the nation’s most exciting basketball tourney. Anything can happen in March Madness, and you can still get some great times out of the rest of the games, even with your busted bracket. An outdoor viewing of the

Patio Party Series: Outdoor Bar Tips and Ideas

The warmer weather is in full swing, which means a lot of us are already spending more time outdoors with friends and family. Dining al fresco on the patio is a one of the main reasons so many people decide to add an outdoor living space onto their home in the first place.  It’s no