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Cool outdoor bar accessories to make your summer outdoors chill

Add a little style to your summer sips and snacks

We all do it – make a cold drink and a snack inside to enjoy outside. More times than not, we’ll carry it out with a plastic tumbler and paper plate. That’s not exactly the image of relaxing luxury you want. Punch up the patio table or bar with pieces that reflect your personality and will keep your food and drinks chilled. Here are few examples to get your cool imagination flowing.

Compartmentalized holders with ice troughs underneath are just what you need to keep the martini olives chilled. Fruit and veggie trays and condiment servers with space for ice underneath is a great solution for keeping perishables perky. The lid helps keep the ice cold and the bugs out. The rectangular shape saves space on the bar top.

Soapstone ice cubes make “on the rocks” a literal request. These “whiskey stones” are just what you need to whisk up any cold drink. The stones chill your drink without watering it down, and they look super tough and futuristic while doing it. Chill in the freezer for just a few minutes, and the soapstone cubes are ready to rock.

A gleaming gold pineapple ice bucket is good for all seasons, but in the summer it will be a source of sun and moon reflections. Ice buckets come in all shapes and sizes, but why settle for the boring cylinder you can find in any hotel room? Every accessory is a chance to show your style. Here’s one of those chances to up your game in outdoor bar decor.

We know space is at a premium sometimes. Lack of weather-resistant storage outside is a roadblock to having smart-looking serving accessories outside. Storing a large silver caterer’s tray just to use a few times a year may not be plausible. Here’s a sleek inflatable buffet bar that can be a go-to on any hot day. Fill with ice, and your food and drinks and you’re done. This inflatable buffet can even go in the pool.  A drainage plug will help you dry it out when the party’s over.


Calm, cool and collected is the vibe for an outdoor bar that goes beyond plastic cups and bulky ice coolers. Keep your outdoor bar stocked with the chic and trendy pieces that you’ll want to use all year long.

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