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Hardscaping for a Hero

In the Spring of 2016 we told you about a great group of teens and young adults who were planning to build a patio for a wounded veteran out of donated materials from EP Henry. Guess what? The patio is done! And the vet has already heard special requests from his little ones. Read on for details

9/11 Memorial

Little town gets big relic to include in a 9/11 Memorial. EP Henry was there to help. About 120 miles south of One World Trade in New York City and a stone’s throw from Atlantic City, NJ, the little town of Absecon will dedicate a $200,000 September 11th memorial built with the largest relic saved

Retiring an old flag

Old flags are to be cut and burned (and ashes buried). Another option for flag retirement is to properly fold then bury it. Scouting and Veterans groups conduct ceremonies to retire flags, but you are welcome to follow proper retirement procedures at home.   The Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts, Baden-Powell Service Association, Campfire,

Making Progress

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.” -Abraham Lincoln Raising children is an experiment with time. Some years go by in a day; some days take a year to end. Rest assured, children will move forward. Step by step or in leaps and bounds, life usually averages out to be a slow walk into

EP Henry Honors Students Who Honor Our Veterans

The EP Henry family loves to support our communities. Being family-owned and steeped in generations of tradition, we especially enjoy watching the next generation grow. In Centre County in Pennsylvania, we noticed a special spark of creativity and charity in a group of students and their teacher, and we were honored to lend them a

Honoring Our Veterans on Memorial Day

Did you know that the first official Memorial Day was initially called Decoration Day? It began as a result of the Civil War. In 1865, a small group of residents of Waterloo, NY chose May 5th to honor fallen veterans by decorating their grave stones with flowers and flags. It quickly evolved and became a town

What we do to Honor Our Veterans on Memorial Day

Our current-day Memorial Day began after the Civil War as Decoration Day. Because the Civil War claimed so many lives, Americans began commemorating the veterans who died in the war by decorating their grave stones with wreaths or flowers. The first official Decoration Day is credited to Waterloo, NY when in the spring of 1865