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Halloween Patio Pizza Party

Delight your little monsters with homemade pizzas topped with creepy crawlies. With a long night of trick-or-treating ahead of them, kids need a meal to keep that energy up and prevent goodie bag snacking. Fire up that outdoor pizza oven and give them ingredients to make their own personal pizzas with “creepy crawly” toppings. One

Modern Halloween Tricks and Tips

Bobbing for apples is a scary prospect. Here are some updated party tips and outdoor decor tricks to bring your All Hallow’s Eve into the 21st century. Outdoor Halloween decor ranges from the scary to the sweet. Whatever your preference, good decor puts everyone in the party mood. Here are some of the latest trends

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Light the Walkway for Halloween

When little ghosts and goblins come to haunt for treats, show them the way by turning the walkway into a lit path to your door. Trick-or-treating is fun for both the tricksters and the treaters. Little ones love running from door to door and knocking, something they aren’t allowed to do any other time of

Do you Trick-or-Treat? Two Different Halloween Patio Décor Styles

Depending on the weather on Halloween night, some people like to greet trick-or-treaters from their porch or patio, where they can sit in comfort and watch the kids make their way up and down the street as they enjoy the evening. Since most of the little ghouls are bound to come to the front door

Trick or Treat: 3 Backyard Halloween Games to Play

Halloween is almost here! A time of year where dressing up in scary or silly costumes is the norm, and it’s commonplace for children to put candy into a pillow case. We decorate the landscape, carve pumpkins, visit haunted houses and watch horror films. But did you ever wonder why? Halloween was thought to have originated with the