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Do you Trick-or-Treat? Two Different Halloween Patio Décor Styles

Depending on the weather on Halloween night, some people like to greet trick-or-treaters from their porch or patio, where they can sit in comfort and watch the kids make their way up and down the street as they enjoy the evening. Since most of the little ghouls are bound to come to the front door looking for their goodies, use your walkway to lead them around to your sitting area, where they can barter for their treats. It’s here that you have to make a decision about your décor. Do you lean more towards the “trick” side of Halloween, where you look to add a little horror-based fun for your trick-or-treaters or do you like the fun, friendly side of the holiday?

Spooktastic Patio and Porch Décor Ideas 

If you like to make your visitors show a little grit to get their treats, then add a horror feel to your Halloween setting with these great ideas:

  • Run some outdoor speakers along your walkway, playing spooky tunes for your guests. Most retail and Halloween stores have CD’s of Halloween sounds that work great for this.
  • Instead of your usual path lights, use these scary skull walkway lights.
  • Keep your visitors on the path with a sign that tells them where to go. If you’re sending them to the back or side yard, be sure to include an arrow and a note that treats will be found there.
  • When they get to your sitting area, have the piece de resistance ready. Whether that be a live person in costume handing out candy, or a spooky graveyard built around your patio or porch, be sure you keep the scary going until they get close enough to get their prize.


Keep it Festive but Cute

So, not everyone likes the horror factor tied to Halloween, and if you are the kind of person that would rather treat your visitors with a cute and festive patio or porch setup, then these ideas are perfect for you.

  • Festive orange lights and hanging pumpkins like these are a fun and festive way to light up your patio or porch so little ghouls can find their way to their booty. Get them for yourself here.
  • Line your walkway with cheerful jack-o-lantern’s like these.
  • Have a family of scarecrows welcome your trick-or-treaters, with one pointing them on the way to their destination.

No matter how you celebrate this Halloween on your patio or porch, take the time to add a little festive fun to your outdoor décor so you guests take a memory of their visit with them along with their treats.

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