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How to be a hipster gardener

If you think vintage accessories, old traditions and careful tending are the bee’s knees, you may be a garden hipster. The hipster aesthetic is marked by an obsession with independence, eco-friendly living and vintage style. This group has its own style in clothes, food and yes, gardening. Aside from the new urban chickens movement, hipsters

Planning a new patio? Consider installing an automatic sprinkler system

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” -Cicero, Roman orator Moving water from its source to where it is needed is an ancient craft. Aqueducts helped cities flourish in ancient times. Today, various water sprinklers help maintain the lawn’s lush look. Homeowners use everything from a simple watering can

Busting the rumors of great grass care

Homeowners pining for gorgeous lawns sometimes fall for old tricks that just don’t work. A beautiful lawn is well within your reach. A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to a grass landscape. Seeing other lawns that seem greener or healthier than yours may have you seeking out solutions. Beware of false

Punch up those patches with grass seed

Whether your lawn is in need of a total reset or if you are reclaiming forgotten spaces in the landscape, grass seeding is a cost-effective DIY project. Compared to professionally-installed sod, seeding your lawn is something most everyone can do. Clear out any existing vegetation. Brown patches may still have ground cover plants in the

Pave the way: using pavers to side step a common pitfall

Footworn paths in the grass don’t have to be an eyesore. Here’s how pavers can help. We’ve all seen them and we’ve all helped make them: shortcuts across lawns that leave ruts in the grass. They are called “desire lines” or “desire paths” in civil engineering circles. Usually found on college campuses, in amusement parks,

Grass tech fills in the gaps: Synthetic turf and patio pavers

Artificial grass has come a long way. It’s not the fake grass made of sharp bright green plastic found in the cheesy store displays of yore. If you are looking for a great-looking, low-to-no maintenance solution for your landscape, you may want to give synthetic grass another look. The new artificial grasses can fool the

Late summer spread: 4 Grass seeding facts to know

Seeding now can be the key to a lush lawn come spring. Here’s what you need to know about this essential lawn task. Like all things worth doing, a lovely landscape takes time. Great grass is a year-round project, and mid-to-late August until the end of September brings another round of important lawn care activities.

Patio and garden maintenance tasks for July

You sowed, you watered, you weeded. You swept and you washed. All that toil has led to a garden and patio ready for relaxation. Things may get slightly out of order, though, as the summer goes on. Here is a list of little chores for outdoor room and landscape maintenance. Summer is the time to

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing season is coming. Do you have the right mower for your lawn? New mowers are quite an investment. Many considerations are involved in choosing the right machine for your landscape. Here are 3 major mistakes to avoid when buying a new lawn mower: 1. Getting the power wrong 2. Estimating the size of

Break out your own backyard beer garden

It was once thought to be a solely European thing to dine al fresco, but more and more American cities are picking up on the pleasures of wiling away a relaxing meal out in the fresh air. The latest trend is pop-up beer gardens. Pioneering chefs or establishments take over a side lot for a