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Introducing Cast Stone Wall Ledgestone

The warm weather is just about here, and there’s never been a better time to upgrade your outdoor entertaining space. An ordinary backyard can easily be transformed into an oasis with the use of some great products. It just takes a little bit of inspiration and some beautiful landscaping and hardscaping to take your outdoor

Keeping stains off the patio: Tips from EP Henry

As homeowners extend the enjoyment of their outdoor spaces well into fall, it likewise extends the season of wear and tear for surfaces like patios, driveways and walkways. That includes more potential for stains to mar the look of those surfaces — especially for families with kids and pets, and those who enjoy outdoor dining.

How To Modernize Your Pool Area With Functional Updates

More people are looking ahead to a summer spent at home than ever before. And for many, that means making the most of their yards and outdoor spaces. If you already have a pool, then you know that the pool area is often the focus of nearly all outdoor activity. For this reason, if you

Landscaping Ideas to Add Character to Your Backyard

Spring is here – the perfect time to do your outdoor remodel projects. Now that most of the world’s population is quarantined due to the current pandemic, here are a few ideas as to how to make good use of your time to spruce up your backyard. Whether you’re looking to boost your home value,

Another way to binge on the patio: An outdoor TV

Football season and binge watching are elevated to another level when you include an outdoor TV in your patio design. A long weekend filled with snacks and an unwatched season of your favorite TV show. A Sunday with fellow fans watching the game. A movie just released for streaming. These are banner weekend plans! But

Mums the word! Mum sale plants and 2 purple fall favorites

See a mum sale? Go ahead and get the mums! Then add these 2 companion plants for drama and height in your landscape. It seems like every weekend we see school teams holding up signs to hawk colorful, fall-friendly chrysanthemums. Don’t pass them up. Mums look great in the garden and work well indoor and

Fire Pit or Fireplace? Things to Consider When Planning your Outdoor Living Space

If you are planning a fire feature for your patio, you may ask yourself “Should we get a fire pit or fireplace?” Both give off light and warmth and help create a cozy, welcome atmosphere. While cost is typically a question (and can sometimes be the deciding factor) here are some other differences that you

Celebrate the best melon of them all! National Watermelon Day is here!

A day to laud the watermelon should be spent enjoying its refreshing recipes and delicious dishes. August 3rd, 2019 is National Watermelon Day. A staple of summer, watermelon has been a favorite of people everywhere for millennia. Scientists surmise that the plant and its fruit were cultivated first in the South African deserts, and tombs

Planning a new patio? Consider installing an automatic sprinkler system

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” -Cicero, Roman orator Moving water from its source to where it is needed is an ancient craft. Aqueducts helped cities flourish in ancient times. Today, various water sprinklers help maintain the lawn’s lush look. Homeowners use everything from a simple watering can

Pool apps add another level of function and fun

Lighting tricks, temperature adjustments and more, all on your phone There’s an app for that is the newest cliché, but in terms of pool features it’s true. Many new mobile applications make life for the pool owner easier and much more fun. Pool maintenance used to be the sole realm of the professional, but now