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Landscaping Ideas to Add Character to Your Backyard

Spring is here – the perfect time to do your outdoor remodel projects. Now that most of the world’s population is quarantined due to the current pandemic, here are a few ideas as to how to make good use of your time to spruce up your backyard.

Whether you’re looking to boost your home value, or giving it a fantastic new outdoor look, the backyard isn’t something to overlook. Updating the flower garden, lawn, lighting, and furniture will turn your backyard into a little paradise.

1. Mulching
If you’re looking to cut on some cost, adding mulch is a good investment.

  • Mulching cuts down on watering needs by slowing down evaporation and insulating the soil against adverse temperatures – just in case you forget to water frequently. Mulching will also help reduce water runoff hence preventing soil erosion. This way, your garden will absorb and retain the moisture.
  • Inorganic mulches such as stone, fabric, and rubber don’t degrade easily. Organic mulches such as compost and shredded bark easily breakdown, adding nutrients to the soil that benefit plantings.

2. Container Gardens

  • Flower boxes, tubs, and pots with beautiful plants will spice up the looks of your garden. This idea is especially practical for those with limited garden space, or a smaller patio.
  • Unified flowerpot colors and coordinated plant colors can transform an outdoor living space. Place flowerpots and containers on stairways, walking paths. Use them in groupings and unexpected places for added interest.
  • Hanging baskets and window boxes can be used bring color to eye level. Consider herbs for cooking and ornamental use.
  • Larger containers are easier to use as they hold more soil, which translates to increased water retention and resistance to temperature fluctuations. Look into self-watering systems for smaller plants or plants that require frequent watering.
  • Before placing it in a container, consider the plant’s root system, size, and rate of growth. This way, you’ll be able to choose a suitable flower box for your plant.
  • Container holes are vital. If yours don’t have them, consider drilling them. Failure to which will result in waterlogged plants which eventually die out.

3. Added Elements

  •  Palm trees and other tall, large-leaf plants work to lower the temperature on your patio.
  • It all starts with proper planning. Research plant types when positioning them in your garden and plant them according to light requirements, colors, rate of growth, and water requirement.
  • Focal features, like fountains, will cool the air and add create an aura of serenity. Other hardscape elements like arbors and carefully placed rocks will also help eliminate dark spots.


4. Build a Garden Shed 

  • Garden sheds are not only great places for organizing and storing your gardening tools, but they also can add to your property value.
  • Leftover pavers from your patio can be used for the shed foundation. Look for shed colors and textures that compliment your home’s exterior.


5. Lawn Health

  • A healthy, well maintained lawn will keep your property looking great. Curbstone or Edgestone keeps edges tidy by keeping mulch and soil in the flower beds. Cut the grass and maintain a specific level. Make sure your grass is getting the appropriate amount of water every week – one inch.


6. Light it Up   

  • Proper lighting in your outdoor living space adds drama. Torches and lanterns add atmosphere. Fireplaces and fire pits are larger lights sources that add warmth as well.

Details Matter

  • The most memorable spaces pay attention to detail and have unexpected elements. Your outdoor living space should be unique, so be sure to include elements that reflect your personal style. The completed look will be an outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy now and well into the future.

Dominic LoBianco is a guest author. Dominic covers a wide array of topics ranging from home improvement ideas to the finances of moving.

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