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It’s Time for Kick-off – Great Recipes for Tailgating by your Fire Pit

Hold on to your helmets, it’s time for football! Wait a minute, is it football season or is it tailgating season? What’s a game day without congregating in a parking lot with like-minded football fans and reveling in the excitement of game day with great food, beer, friends and, be honest, a little smack talk?

But what if you’re watching the game from home? Gather your tailgating pals and head out to the backyard, where your fire pit and a few well-placed outdoor chairs will provide the central focus for your festivities. It’s almost fall, people, and the temperatures will continue to drop. You will need a fire pit to kick off the game right and stay warm while you’re at it.

Listen football fans, during the off-season while you were dreaming of the day when it would be time don your favorite jersey again, stuff’s been happening. Deflategate verdicts have been ruled and retracted; trades, predictions and the customary challenges have been made. It’s going to be a heck of a season, so plan some backyard tailgates this year and gather the crew around your fire pit for some great food, good drinks and friendly competition.

We’ve got a few easy recipes for you as you gather in the backyard before the game, so  grab your grate, put in on top of your fire pit and get cooking! (click the images or the recipe name to get the details!)

Hot Dog on a Stick with Queso Sauce 

What’s a tailgate without hot dogs? Kick up your regular dog recipe by dropping the bun and adding a little Queso-BBQ sauce.

Camping Quesadillas

Foil packets let you cook these little gems right on the fire pit grate or even the coals. Add your favorite quesadilla filler for a quick and yummy main dish.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings 

What’s a football tailgate party without wings? These tasty morsels offer a little crunch to your menu and you can include your several different dipping sauces to appeal to your whole crowd.

9 Kinds of S’mores

While victory is definitely sweet, your fire pit tailgate wouldn’t be complete without a dessert, and when you think about desserts from a fire pit, good chance is you think of s’mores. But we’re not offering the run-of-the-mill chocolate and marshmallow option for your shindig. Click the link to see 9 different s’mores recipes for you and your guests to enjoy. (Feature image to the left shows the Caramel Coconut Crave S’more.)

So keep some of your tailgating home this football season, and gather ‘round the fire pit to enjoy some of these tasty treats as you gear up for the big game.

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