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It’s Time: Bring Fall Decoration to your Yard

While summer still has a few days left on the books for 2015, with pumpkin everything being sold at every coffee shop and retail outlet, Halloween costumes jumping out at you in just about every store and the kiddies back in school, fall is here.  As mums bloom at local farm stands and apple cider is pressed, people are readying their yards for this colorful season, looking for unique ways to add color and life to a backdrop that is starting to lose foliage. We’ve got 5 fun and easy-to-manage ways to add color and spice to your yard this fall.


When you go to the farm stand to get some of your outdoor fall decorations, what do you see? Mums and pumpkins, right? While they are both perfectly colorful and charming in their own right, add a little twist to your mum accessorizing this year by carving the top of a pumpkin and filling it with a mum, to create an interesting new look.

Or, create a stunning container focal point for your porch or patio by planting brightly colored pansies in smaller gourds.

Add a Little Sunshine

As the days shorten and begin to cool off, the sun seems more elusive and the recent hot summer days can seem far removed. Bring a little sunshine into your yard with a grouping of gold flowers like  ‘Ogon’ golden sweet flag, ‘Matrix Yellow Blotch’ pansy, and ‘Penny Clear Yellow’ viola. Their persistent sunny color will greet your every morning like a warm kiss from the sun.  Line your walkways with these bright pots and your path just became that much more welcoming.

Plant your Pumpkins 

Do you have planters set around your yard or garden that hold annuals during the spring and summer? Well, instead of loading them back into the shed this fall when the last blooms have died, repurpose them with a little florists foam and pile high a variety of pumpkins and gourds. It’s a simple, stylish way to make use of nature’s bounty.

Autumn under Glass

Use your falling leaves and pinecones to build a budget-friendly seasonal terrarium. Add some moss (from your yard or the local craft store) and pumpkins or gourds to create a fantastic center-piece for your patio table. Take it up a notch with some silk sunflowers or chrysanthemums.

Cushions and Color

Your patio is a great space to enjoy outdoor get-together’s well in to the fall, so don’t leave it out of the seasonal décor. Swapping up throw pillows and cushions to more fall-oriented colors like rust, gold, or burgundy is a simple way to change your look. Add a few potted mums or even silk flowers baskets in autumn hues to complete to add a little spice.

Make the most of the fall with these décor  tips and warm up your season with color and your own personal touch.

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