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Dog Scaping: 5 Pooch Friendly Patio Ideas

Special beds, blankets, and toys to chew on…we spoil them rotten. We all know that dog lovers go above and beyond the norm when it comes to making sure their dog is comfortable in the house; but what about the backyard? Most dogs love being outside. The new smells, sights and sounds thrill them after being inside all day.  As part of the pack, they’ll eagerly follow the family out onto the patio or into the pool. So if you have (or are planning to install) a patio or outdoor living space, why not incorporate a few Fido friendly patio ideas or accessories into the plan.1) Dog Pool: Keeping your furry friend cool in excessive heat is critical for their safety. (Imagine if you were outside in 90° heat with a coat on.)            
Made from the same material as truck liners, this bone-shaped pool will keep your dog cool and make him the envy of the neighborhood hounds.  Add a wood deck or pavers to keep dirt out, and to help keep the surrounding grass from turning into a muddy mess.2) Dog House: Dogs are natural cave dwellers, so why not build your dog the ultimate dog house with a cast veneer stone finish? Choose a stone veneer made to complement your patio pavers and it will fit right in with your landscape design.This all-weather, long lasting dog house will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. To encourage use, have it built in a backyard location where your dog can keep an eye on his family and will feel included in on the fun.

3) Dog Hammock: This free-standing patio hammock is like a camping chair for your dog. It’s weather resistant and has a built in cooling water pouch to keep non-swimming dogs cool on hot days. These are also great for older dogs that have bad hips or backs, where lying on a hard surface may be painful for them.

4) Perimeter Path: Dogs love to patrol their turf, so don’t be surprised if you find a well-worn path around the property line. This is one habit that you really can’t break, so consider adding a paved path for them to use. This is a great use for leftover pavers, as a narrow two foot wide path is all that is needed.

5) Sandbox: Is your dog ruining your grass by leaving craters throughout the backyard? Maybe he’s a terrier or other breed that was bred to dig. Or, maybe he’s just bored.

Let him go to town in an approved location in his very own sandbox. Use pavers that match your landscape design and create a walled sandbox by digging down just a foot or so and filling it halfway with sand. Hide toys to encourage digging and your dog will be one happy puppy.

The walls keep it tidy by containing the offshoot sand. Bonus: If your dog ever tires of it, just plant a tree!

What dog-friendly ideas do you have in your backyard?

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