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Easy Landscape or Garden Projects for Kids

August is here and while the days are already starting to get shorter, kids who are home from school are beginning to feel the boredom that accompanies weeks of unscheduled playtime. So check out these 5 fun ideas to get the kids into the backyard. These simple crafts will be fun to do during these last few weeks before its time for Back to School.

  1. Birdbath:  Crafts that attract wildlife work well in any garden design.  This inexpensive DIY birdbath is easily put together using dollar-store supplies that include a twig wreath, saucer or deep dish, and twine. Simply cut 3 equal lengths of twine (start with a yard or more, as you can always trim them later) and securely tie them in a knot.   Trim the ends and tie smaller knots on each end, to prevent fraying. Position the wreath in the center of the three strands over your larger knot with the twine “hangers” spaced evenly around the wreath. (You can further secure it by threading the twine through the wreath’s twigs.)  Add faux garden plants or other nature inspired decorative elements to complete the look. Make sure you hang it low enough so that you can fill it with water as needed.

  1. Tent: Pick a flat area in your backyard to construct a quick and easy tent using a clothesline secured between two posts or trees. Make sure to tie the line up high enough so that children can walk safely underneath it, without fear of running into it. Simply drape colorful sheets over the rope and secure the outer edges with a few rocks. Mix and match sheets and add lots of pillows for a cool, bohemian vibe.

  1. Fairy Jar: Make a magical fairy jar by emptying a few different color glow sticks into a clean jar (plastic jars work just as well.) and shake to distribute the liquid evenly. Add some sparkly glitter and presto, your very own fairy jar. Try using these as centerpieces or luminaries to complement your landscape design.

  1. Dinosaur Garden: Transform a container or small portion of your backyard into your very own Jurassic Park. Perennials such as ferns, wooly thyme, and sedum are great additions for any dinosaur garden design. For container gardens, try succulents. These draught tolerant, hardy garden plants are scaled just right and can be moved inside during colder months. This is a great way to introduce nature into a child’s world.

  1. Rock Painting: This is truly a project idea for all ages, and these decorative rocks work well in any garden design. Little ones will have fun decorating rocks in bright colors of their own design, while older children can try their hand at typography, animals, flowers or bugs. Larger rocks can be used as markers for your garden plants, or as sculptures in your landscape design.

Do you have an idea for a creative backyard activity? Please post or share, we always love to hear new ideas.


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