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7 Unique Gifts for the Outdoor Living Enthusiast

With its colder temperatures and shorter days, the winter is a rough time of year for those of us who enjoy outdoor living.  Sure, fire pits and fireplaces can extend the season by weeks, but when the temperatures drop and stay below freezing for days and days on end, it may leave you feeling like you’ll never see spring again.

So for those folks who yearn to feel the sun on their backs and the grass between their toes, receiving a gift intended for the great outdoors may just be the ticket to cheer them up!

Woodform® Concrete Firetable:

The JM Lifestyles firetable merges form and function with the longevity of concrete. Measuring 47″ x 120″ the Woodform Firetable® features a built-in 4″ deep eco-friendly fire pit. Crafted to look like actual wood, the concrete table top along with the iron base makes quite a solid statement.

Functional Décor:

Does your home sometimes feel like Grand Central Station? This handsome, indoor/outdoor, double-sided wall clock would be the perfect outdoor living accessory. A vintage reproduction, this wall clock also has a drop-down double-sided thermometer. The classic train station design works with most any décor and will never go out of style.

Dinner’s Ready

Speaking of trains, how easy would it be to call everyone to the table with this pneumatic patio whistle?  Inspired by the iconic steam train whistles of yesteryear, this train whistle generates a safe 120 dB without alerting the entire neighborhood. When its cord is pulled and the vinyl bellows inflate with air, it sounds four notes from its pipes that trails off in a classic choo-choo train whine.

If you can’t beat ’em, humiliate them

There few things in this word are more persistent than a hungry squirrel. When hung from a tree by a string (there are holes are in the ears) this oversized, goofy grinned squirrel head feeder promises to deliver hours of entertainment at their expense.

Playful Patio

How about a mustache doormat for the patio? Made from natural coconut fiber, this giant mustache doormat is a great way to keep it cleanandclassy.

Live Succulent Wreath

This handcrafted wreath uses fully grown succulents and organic soil wrapped around a base with U.S. grown moss. Taken care of properly, it will continue to bloom and grow with watering (once a week) and some sun exposure. These low-light plants will do just fine indoors until they can be moved out onto the patio in the spring.

Outdoor Fireplace Screen

If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor fireplace on your patio; then how about a custom fire place screen? Handcrafted by Bob Wiederrick, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, his rustic animal designs, are perfect for an outdoor living room. His designs feature buffalo, fish, wolves, horses, elk, deer, bear, quail, ducks and dogs. Other nature inspired fireplace screens feature leaves, grapes and cattails. He also creates classic craftsmen styles and scroll designs.

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