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The look of wood with none of the worry

Capture the natural beauty of wood in a paver tile that is extremely durable and long lasting with Lastra Wood-look Porcelain Tiles.

These porcelain tiles bring the stunning look of wood but are without wood’s inherent problems. Wood, especially when used outdoors, can quickly turn into a high-maintenance surface. Lastra tiles offer an alternative that looks like wood but has the strength and durability of porcelain.

Wood splits and splinters. It fades and can twist and warp beyond repair. Mold and mildew settle in its crevices. Wood decking needs to be washed and sealed as often as every year, and while powerwashing does remove mildew, the harsh process is known to damage the wood. The other choice to mimic the wood look is composite decking, but the plastic used in composite decking can also warp and fade. Its surface is easily scratched by pets, furniture and general use.

Designed with nature in mind, the Lastra wood-look tiles reflect the wonderful imperfections of wood. The knots, rings, veins, shadows and highlights of Mother Nature’s handiwork are all portrayed in the Lastra wood tile. The tile is also ¾ inch thick unlike the typical ¼ inch thick indoor tiles. This thickness provides enhanced structural stability and strength and adds a solid wood plank look.

Lastra porcelain tiles are so ultra-strong they can handle vehicular traffic making them suitable for not only patios and pool decks but driveways as well. They can stand up to the harshest weather of the seasons year after year and won’t lose their color. The wood-pattern finish is added in a baked ceramic process, making the tile design permanent and fade-resistant.

Unlike wood, Lastra tiles can be used for pool decking, outdoor kitchen floors, patios, and more. Imagine how well these Lastra wood tiles can warm up a space. The Lastra tiles are available in two styles: AXI and ETIC PRO. AXI tiles measure at 24” x 24” x ¾” and offer a naturally aged appearance in Brown Chestnut and Gray Timber. ETIC PRO tiles measure at 11 ¾” x 47 ¼”  x ¾” and provide a sleek, wood plank look in Noce Hickory and Rovere Venice.

Porcelain isn’t just for dinnerware. It can also add a stunning wood look to your outdoor spaces. Take a look through our catalog and the pictures here. Start dreaming of what you can do with Lastra tiles.


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