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Taking the mud out of mudroom: designing a mudroom that works

Pinterest-worthy mudrooms score high on the looks scale but often get failing marks for practicality. Designing a better, more efficient space can help the area stay clean and welcoming. Family members often enter through the mudroom area. Encountering – or encouraging – a mess when first returning home can be disheartening. Keeping it organized and

A Welcoming, Rustic Christmas

Almost any style of decor can incorporate a few down-home, rustic elements for the holidays.  Adding a bit of rustic elements to your holidays will charm guests and lend a touch of warmth to your decor. Farmhouse decor gives us that cozy feeling we love for the holidays. Concentrating on three key spaces will help

Step Up Your Hardscaping

 Which part of your outdoor design holds more meaning than steps? “Steps” flood our imagination and our language. We have giant steps, baby steps, one step forward, and two steps back. We step it up, step down, step aside and step away. We have spring in our step when we make a step in the

Outdoor Living; Ooh-la-la! French Country Style

When it comes to French décor, you may think of the opulent style of Marie Antoinette.  Her over-the-top neoclassical style, as seen in the Palace of Versailles, has been copied the world over. Maybe you think of a Parisian café, or the bright colors and distinct patterns of Provencal décor.However, when it comes to decorating