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Mums the word! Mum sale plants and 2 purple fall favorites

See a mum sale? Go ahead and get the mums! Then add these 2 companion plants for drama and height in your landscape. It seems like every weekend we see school teams holding up signs to hawk colorful, fall-friendly chrysanthemums. Don’t pass them up. Mums look great in the garden and work well indoor and

Spot and destroy the spotted lantern fly this fall

The spotted lantern fly (SLF) is an invasive, destructive insect that is native to China. Over 70 species of trees in southeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas are in danger of disease and death because of these sap-sucking pests. It’s imperative to seek out and destroy the SLF, as they are predicted to cause a billion

Don’t let the “crider” sit down beside ya: Give the spider cricket a ticket out of the house

Called by many names like camel crickets, sprickets, cave weta, or just plain “AAAACK!,” these crawling, hopping insects are found all over the world. They scare us with their creepy moves and high jumps. Spider crickets lunge at threats to frighten them (apparently a very effective strategy against grown men), but other than giving an

How to be a hipster gardener

If you think vintage accessories, old traditions and careful tending are the bee’s knees, you may be a garden hipster. The hipster aesthetic is marked by an obsession with independence, eco-friendly living and vintage style. This group has its own style in clothes, food and yes, gardening. Aside from the new urban chickens movement, hipsters

Planning a new patio? Consider installing an automatic sprinkler system

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” -Cicero, Roman orator Moving water from its source to where it is needed is an ancient craft. Aqueducts helped cities flourish in ancient times. Today, various water sprinklers help maintain the lawn’s lush look. Homeowners use everything from a simple watering can

The beauty of Kentucky Derby Roses in your own backyard

The most famous race of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, is usually held on the first Saturday in May. The winning horse is draped with a blanket of beautiful red roses. The luxury of the velvet-like petals, the depth of the red, and the dream of the heady scents get us itching to have

Old World look: 3 Cobble Styles to consider

Traditional style homes can be challenging to landscape. Fortunately there are pavers designed specifically to complement centuries-old structures. The trick to updating the landscape and hardscape of an older home is using the right paving stones. Many original streets in the New England territories are often said to have been paved with leftover ballast from

6 spring landscape design tasks to do now

Just when you thought you could take a rest after shoveling all that snow, spring creeps up and hands you the hoe. Here are a few quick tips for spring landscaping that will give your landscape design plan a good start. 1.         Rake. Thatches of clumped dead grass, leaves and debris must be cleared out

Invasion of the yard snatchers: Clear your landscape of creepers

Invasive plants aren’t just weeds you pull up and forget about. Invasive plants are quick-spreading species that edge out your garden’s flowers and any native plants. Pulling some of these species up is actually the worst thing you can do, as it is an excellent method for distributing the invasive plant’s spores. Expert gardeners know

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing season is coming. Do you have the right mower for your lawn? New mowers are quite an investment. Many considerations are involved in choosing the right machine for your landscape. Here are 3 major mistakes to avoid when buying a new lawn mower: 1. Getting the power wrong 2. Estimating the size of