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How to be a hipster gardener

If you think vintage accessories, old traditions and careful tending are the bee’s knees, you may be a garden hipster. The hipster aesthetic is marked by an obsession with independence, eco-friendly living and vintage style. This group has its own style in clothes, food and yes, gardening. Aside from the new urban chickens movement, hipsters

Every garden old is new again: Nostalgia plants for now

The small, dainty flowers of the foxglove plant, the wispy peony blooms and the lovely drops of the bleeding hearts all bring back the sights and scents of the gardens from years past. Recreating a garden of yore is the newest trend in home landscaping. Before the overly accessorized 1950s yards and the victory gardens

From dreaming it to living it: The Hardscape decision process, step-by-step

Want to transform your outdoor space but don’t know where to start? Here is a step-by-step guide for bringing your dreams into a reality. All decisions you make goes through steps. Some decisions are instant. They feel as though they went through no process at all. Other decisions (where the stakes are usually higher) require

When to use stones or mulch in your landscape

It’s gardening season again! If you haven’t already, it’s time to take out that digging tool and break ground. April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring weeds. You can drastically cut down on weeds in your garden by adding mulch or pebbles. Mulch and stone coverings make flower colors “pop” by adding a

Why Hardscaping distributors are worth the trip

When it comes to sprucing up the backyard or adding some curb appeal, most homeowners think of the nearest big home improvement store as a place to get ideas and materials. While a big box store can help with smaller quick fixes, Hardscaping distributors are a better choice for major project inspiration and supplies. Many

Hardy yet beautiful plants for your landscape, Part II: Garden Ideas

In Part I, we went over the basics of sedum plants. Often referred to by landscapers as stonecrops, sedum succulents have great appeal for gardeners for their hardiness, low maintenance needs and colorful foliage. Here we go over some different ideas for using stonecrops in your landscape. Borders Borders can pose different challenges. Some borders

Hardy yet beautiful plants for your landscape, Part I: Sedum basics.

Succulents are the hottest trend in plants. Miniature succulents in cute pots grace many a dorm or office window. Many Millennials, 37% of whom grow indoor plants (as opposed to only 28% of Baby Boomers), have embraced and fueled the succulent fervor. Instagram’s “#succulents” hashtag alone has over 6.5 million posts. Related hashtags, like #succulent,

4 ways a creative garden wall can make a cookie-cutter landscape unique

A new home in a new development is an exciting prospect. But in a neighborhood of similar home models, how does a homeowner make their house stand out? With a little creativity and perhaps the help of a landscape designer, adding a simple garden wall to your front landscape can change the entire look of

What’s the difference between a retaining wall and a garden wall?

A number of landscaping elements have similar terms but mean very different things. Getting them mixed up can cost you time and money. We all know what a house’s walls do: they divide rooms and perhaps support the roof and upper floors of the home. Indoor walls receive pressure from above, i.e. vertical pressure. Walls

Drip, drip: Drop an efficient, money-saving watering system into your landscape

Lush gardens are a wonder to behold. We all love seeing those rows of plants spring up and watch veggies grow big, not to mention seeing the joyous colors of the season in the delicate flower petals we’re lucky enough to enjoy. All of this takes work, of course, but for many gardening is a