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Rosh Hashanah: Traditions and planning for an outdoor celebration

Celebrating outside brings us back to time-honored customs. This month is Elul, a time of repentance in preparation for the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). At sundown on the Gregorian calendar day of September 29, 2019, and on the Hebrew calendar day 1 Tishrei 5780,

A Welcoming, Rustic Christmas

Almost any style of decor can incorporate a few down-home, rustic elements for the holidays.  Adding a bit of rustic elements to your holidays will charm guests and lend a touch of warmth to your decor. Farmhouse decor gives us that cozy feeling we love for the holidays. Concentrating on three key spaces will help

Old Irish Inspiration: A look at the ancient stonework of Ireland

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we ask an Irish stone artist what he loves about Ireland’s legendary stonework St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend this year, giving the holiday some special attention. Revelers and traditionalists alike will be breaking out their most unique and notable activities. Big cities like Boston and Philadelphia have

St. Patrick’s on the Patio: Donning of the green and other party ideas

When St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend, you know it will be a blast. Here are some fun facts and traditions to add to your party. There will be parades and pub crawls, but your patio can be the neighborhood spot for the post-party party. The key is comfort and contentment. And green. Lots

Holiday traditions: Roasted Chestnuts

We’ve all heard the lyrics but few of us have tried actually roasting chestnuts on an open fire. It’s easier than you may think. Each family has their own traditions with strong roots, some perhaps going back generations. Introducing new rituals into the holidays can seem a bit odd at first, but when friends and

Throw a Friendsgiving feast

Friendsgiving is a usually casual Thanksgiving feast with those who you consider family. But it’s casual designation doesn’t mean no rules exist. Here’s a guide for the host and guest that will help your Friendsgiving be fabulous. Host A Friendsgiving is meant to be a fun gathering of your closest mates, but the term can

Fall mantle decor – celebrate the harvest

The winter holidays may be fast approaching, but we can give thanks for the harvest season with these fall decor ideas. Between the frightening fun of Halloween and the cozy, candied Christmas seasons, it’s easy to lose the best season of the year: Autumn. Thanksgiving is the culmination of the fall season where we celebrate

Thanksgiving desserts and decor

Don’t let Christmas recipes or decorations take over your Thanksgiving. Keep the focus on fall with these treats and tricks. We’ve all noticed it – the Christmas Creep. September 21 rolls around and the stores start selling winter holiday decor. It’s as if we jump out of the pool and into our parkas! Don’t let

Unique 4th of July Traditions to bring to the patio

Families and friends love to gather for this great national holiday. Here are some interesting celebrations from around the US you can modify for your family and friends. Check out these fun ways to add a new twist to your July 4th party. Marshmallow Fight, San Diego     Every 4th of July, revelers gather

Work like a dog! It’s Take Your Dog to Work Week

This Friday, June 23, 2017, you can work like a dog or work with one. In 1999, the Friday after Father’s Day (3rd Friday in June) was designated as Take Your Dog to Work Day by the Pet Sitters International organization. Encouraging pet adoption is the main focus of the annual holiday. The organizers hoped