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Cozy up with some Brunswick stew and other winter soups on the grill

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be a solely sunny-weather activity. Many backyard chefs enjoy grilling and cooking over an open fire all year round. One of the well-heeled secrets of winter grilling is to cook comfort foods that don’t require constant flipping. A hearty soup, stew or chili cooked in a cast-iron dutch oven over

Cooking with kids outdoors

As parents, we want to arm our kids with the skills they need to succeed. Preparing food is one of the most basic life skills, but it often is put off until it’s too late. Learning to cook is a source of pride for many kids and teens who live in a processed-food world. Studies

Winter grilling: roasted tomato soup and crispy cheese sandwiches

We often think of grilling out on the patio as a summertime activity, but cold weather grilling brings its own unique benefits. Try roasting some ingredients on the grill while a big sourdough loaf or a maple pecan pie warms in the oven inside. Roasted tomato soup paired with crunchy, warm sandwiches warms up the

Holiday traditions: Roasted Chestnuts

We’ve all heard the lyrics but few of us have tried actually roasting chestnuts on an open fire. It’s easier than you may think. Each family has their own traditions with strong roots, some perhaps going back generations. Introducing new rituals into the holidays can seem a bit odd at first, but when friends and

Apple season’s as easy as pie

Now is the time to harvest your own bushel of apples for a whole cart of fall fun. Right around now is the best time to get outdoors and go apple picking. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your apple trees in your own backyard or you have an age-old (or new!) family tradition of

A Father’s Day gift for the kamado grilling dad

Kamado grills are all the rage. EP Henry has a great idea to give this unique grill – and dad – the respect they both deserve. Don’t know a kamado grill? You may have seen them around the neighborhood – egg-shaped stand-alone grills/smokers of various sizes. Two popular brands are Primo (which is made in

Try different BBQ styles from around the US

May is National BBQ Month, and the month when many east coasters break out their grills. The warmer weather also means that folks begin taking culinary trips, like long weekends to nearby cities or shore towns. But with the kids still in school and work ramping up for a busy quarter, a jaunt to a

5 New Ideas for Cinco de Mayo Grilling

Fresh fruit for mixed drinks Perhaps pineapples have graced a skewer or two, but did you know they can be used in cocktails, too? Other fruits like plums, mangos, lemons, peaches and nectarines can be grilled and placed in or blended with liquors like rum and tequila or non-alcoholic liquids. This Jewel of Oaxaca recipe combines grilled

4 High-tech gadgets that solve common grilling challenges

Check out these high-tech gizmos for the outdoor cooking needs-you-never-knew-you-had. From grate oilers to grill cleaners, these widgets provide solutions to problems eternal in patio grilling. Fire it up It’s well known that lighter fluid gives a quick boost to coals, but this method is falling out of favor with many outdoor chefs because it

Making and maintaining an outdoor kitchen is easier than you think

Looking to bring your patio to the next level but you wonder what’s involved? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Outdoor cafe culture started in Europe and eventually took over even the smallest American towns. Now homeowners are picking up on the trend. Additions like outdoor rooms, patios, kitchens and sports bars are topping homeowners’