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A Father’s Day gift for the kamado grilling dad

Kamado grills are all the rage. EP Henry has a great idea to give this unique grill – and dad – the respect they both deserve.

Don’t know a kamado grill? You may have seen them around the neighborhood – egg-shaped stand-alone grills/smokers of various sizes. Two popular brands are Primo (which is made in the US) and The Big Green Egg. Kamado grills are fashioned after old clay baking ovens. They are made of ceramic and have a rounded lid that closes over the grill plate. The stoves use wood or charcoal for fuel. Kamado grilling is loved by expert backyard chefs for its ability to heat food consistently and at very high temperatures. Kamado grills can bake pizza and grill meat.

If you are looking to step up Dad’s grilling mojo, a kamado grill makes a unique, useful gift for Dad for Father’s Day. It may revolutionize your family’s dinners. If your family already has a kamado grill, then we have some suggestions on how to incorporate this egg-shaped grill into your hardscape to make it sturdier and safer to use as well as look like your outdoor kitchen was designed with it in mind..

Kamado grills found in the USA are moveable. Sometimes the portable kamado grills are referred to as “Mushikamado” grills. While the wheels make shifting the grill from place to place easier, they aren’t as necessary when Dad’s decided on his favorite spot. The wheels lock, of course, but we have an even better way to stabilize the grill which makes it safer to use. Our smoker cabinet kit in the Necessories outdoor kits line also helps to visually incorporate this domed-top oven into your existing hardscape.

EP Henry’s kits are the perfect solution for the add-on patio builders. Sometimes building out an entire hardscape all at once is not feasible. We’ve answered this very common situation with our hardscape kits. Homeowners can gradually build up their dream patio unit by unit, year by year, never worrying about color or manufacturing consistency of our pavers. Even if you have existing pavers, we have paver colors that will complement inherited patios of any origin.

The smoker cabinet kit comes in the dimensions 40″W×28″L×37″H. The opening to hold the kamado grill (or other smoker) is 24″x24.” The kit is first built (by an advanced do-it-yourselfer or, we suggest, one of our approved contractors) then the grill is placed inside. The cabinet that holds the kamado grill allows for ample lid space allowing the domed top to be easily opened and closed. Either side of the cabinet has top caps wide enough to hold a grilling tool or two, or dad’s drink.

An open front design allows for access to the lower parts of the kamado grill. Also, if Dad wants to roll the grill down to the street for the annual neighborhood block party, the kamado can be removed as easily as it is put in. The smoker kit builds a structure for the kamado grill; it doesn’t build in the grill permanently. It also raises the grill from ground and gives the grill a designated, heat-resistant space.

The kamado grill kit is just one of many outdoor kitchen and outdoor room kits we offer. Perhaps this is the year you start giving Dad the grill – and the patio – of his dreams. Take a look through EP Henry’s Necessories line here.

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