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Take your landscape to the next level with columns

Add visual and architectural interest to your landscape by incorporating different height columns and bases. You are not alone if you’ve forgotten the differences between the Greek Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns from your 4th grade social studies class. Unless you’re planning a Parthenon replica as part of your landscape, remembering the ancient styles isn’t

Getting creative and clever with outdoor decor for the patio

Patio furniture and accessories don’t have to be expensive, and these crafty DIYs will keep things interesting. Outdoor decor is somewhat of an enigma. We’ve spent years building up a collection of furniture and accessories for the interior of the house, but sometimes our instincts and wallets don’t stand up to the challenge of decorating

Green screen: Plant a living fence around your patio

Shrubs, trees and ivies can be beautiful privacy borders for your landscape. Robert Frost wondered why  “Good fences make good neighbors,” but good fences can turn your yard into a haven made just for you. A “living fence” is a landscape border constructed with greenery. Self-supported woody shrubs and trees add height and shade. Ivies

Patio Privacy Please

Whether you live in a rural, wide open space or a densely populated subdivision, you may want to incorporate some privacy elements into your new or existing landscape design to avoid feeling “watched over” from passers-by or your neighbors. There are lots of ways to create a little privacy and, depending on your porch or