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8 Ways to maximize your Home and Garden show trip

Spring is around the corner. You know what that means: It’s home and garden show season! From little township shows to huge, multi-acre extravaganzas, home and garden shows bring us dreams and inspiration for our own landscapes. All the new things to see and do can be a bit overwhelming. Without proper preparation, you may

Apple season’s as easy as pie

Now is the time to harvest your own bushel of apples for a whole cart of fall fun. Right around now is the best time to get outdoors and go apple picking. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your apple trees in your own backyard or you have an age-old (or new!) family tradition of

Fun with fireflies

These little light-up bugs bring delight to summer nights. Here’s a few ways to celebrate their arrival. The airborne bioluminescent beetle called the firefly or lightning bug (official name Lampyridae) surely captures our imagination. Movies, music festivals, operas and comic book characters all carry the “firefly” moniker. Festivals, crafts and activities for the whole family

How to eke out more summer

Don’t say goodbye to the season just yet. Late summer can be the best time to get outside. American culture seems to treat Labor Day as the official end of summer. It isn’t, really, as the Summer season ends at sunset on Sept. 20. While it’s common to treat the beginning of the school semester

7 Tips to Help you Plan a Graduation Party for the New Generation

It’s been a long road. They haven’t always walked a straight path but they made it. They are finishing one goal and beginning the steps toward another. Now it’s time to honor their accomplishments. It’s time to place the stepping stone and mark the start of their new lives. Planning to celebrate a milestone moment

Stepping Stones – Life’s Journey

You remember your baby, jumping from stone to stone, holding your hand while hopping up the walk, chubby toddler legs too short to take big steps. One day that baby could walk the whole way alone, usually in a zig-zag line but it got the job done. There were falls. Scrapes. Sometimes you were waved