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Beyond the Flintstones: concrete pieces for the patio

Want something that’s sturdy and will stand up to all kinds of weather? Concrete furniture has come a long way since the yabba-dabba-doo days. A concrete couch may be a fun patio accessory to a die-hard Flintstone fan, but its heavy look and feel isn’t likely to start trending. Concrete furniture can be harsh. Municipalities

Building Blocks for Grownups: A DIY guide to building your own fire pit

If you spent time as a kid creating structures with Legos, you may have the skills to build a permanent fire pit in your backyard. We’ve laid it all out for the home hardscaper. Getting something done on your own brings a unique and cherished sense of accomplishment. Don’t shy away from a fire pit

Tips for Winterizing Your Patio

Even though it may feel like fall has just begun, whether we like it or not, winter is going to happen. The clocks have been rolled back and the shorter, darker days of winter are here. Before you hunker down for the colder temperatures, if you take a little extra time to care for your

DIY Hardscaping Tips for Paver Installation

Make no mistake, tackling a DIY paver project is not an easy task and will require assistance from friends and/or family.  However, enterprising folks can get the job done and the results and return on investment are well worth it. Just as with any do-it-yourself home improvement project, you’ll need to research paver installation before